FHY Universal Love Healing Energy Transmission

十二月 28, 2018 @ 2:15 下午 – 5:30 下午
FHY Universal Love Healing Energy Transmission

B. FHY Uni­ver­sal Love Healing Ener­gy Trans­mis­si­on

Date: Thurs­day 28 Decem­ber 2017 from 14:15pm to 17:30pm

Venue: West Ryde Com­mu­ni­ty Hall, West Ryde NSW 2114

Admis­si­on: $50 Gene­ral, $40 Con­ces­si­on, $180 Fami­ly (4 peop­le)

Lan­guage: Man­da­rin with English Trans­la­ti­on.


  • Grand­ma­ster Da Tong will explo­re the Five Vir­tu­es of Modes­ty and exp­lain the Five Bles­sings: Lon­ge­vi­ty of the indi­vi­du­al and fami­ly, Nobleness of cha­rac­ter and abundance, Health of the body and peace of the soul, Ben­evo­lence and kind­ness, and Good deeds every day for good life ending.


  • Learn the anci­ent “high-dimen­­si­o­­nal pla­ne­ta­ry man­tra, toge­ther with the Gre­at Uni­ver­sal Love healing method, which cleans the par­ti­ci­pants ener­gy field. Regu­lar prac­tice will help balan­ce your body, mind and soul. It will also impro­ve your mar­ria­ge, fami­ly life, aca­de­mic stu­dy, care­er, Feng­S­hui, finan­ci­al situa­ti­on, inter­per­so­nal rela­ti­onships, etc. It may even result in tre­men­dous posi­ti­ve life chan­ges.


  • Prac­tice the Inter­stel­lar healing ener­gy trans­mis­si­on, which trans­fers the light from pla­nets that are asso­cia­ted with the body’s five inter­nal organs, to balan­ce par­ti­ci­pants yin and yang and also to puri­fy the body and soul.


  • Bless par­ti­ci­pants and their fami­ly and friends not in atten­dance by chan­ting the “uni­ver­sal son­g” which heals their Human Feng­S­hui Ener­gy beyond space-time.


*Plea­se note that the­re may be other ener­gy works not men­tio­ned as above, chan­ges may occur depen­ding on the need.