Feng Huang Yuan Teaches One of the Cosmic Techniques for Pandemic Disaster Prevention and Mitigation – The Mystical Secret Method of “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring”

Date Published: March 17, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, a coronavirus epidemic suddenly broke out in Wuhan, while people were immersed in the joy of the Spring Festival and thus caught completely off guard. All students of Feng Huang Yuan Elementary Spiritual Classroom stayed at home and carried out self-prevention and control.

At home, the students were persistent in completing their homework on time, and looked forward to the early end of the epidemic so they can restart the activities of group training, and participate in the scheduled 2020 “Bigu (Grain Avoidance) and Drawing Sustenance from Qi (Breatharianism)” training class.

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, all parts of the country were shrouded in the shadow of a pandemic. For a while, people had seemingly only one concern and that was how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and maintain the safety and well-being of themselves and their families.

At the end of January 2020, during this special period of prevention and control of the coronavirus pandemic, Grandmaster Datong followed the order of the Divine and imparted to the students of Feng Huang Yuan Elementary Spiritual Classrom several sets of “COVID-19 Prevention and Mitigation” cosmic techniques.

One of the Feng Huang Yuan cosmic techniques for Pandemic Disaster Prevention and Mitigation – “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” mystical secret method is to convert drinking water into “Safe Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” energy water. The presiding divinities of the mystical secret method are Guanyin Buddha, Fire Phoenix, Yangming Sage Teacher, and Grandmaster Nengzhe (one of the emanation bodies of Grandmaster Datong).

In the large environment, where people are worried, fearful and panic-stricken, the students of Feng Huang Yuan Elementary Spiritual Classroom requested “Feng Huang Yuan Safe Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” water for their family and themselves every day. The energy of the Sweet Dew and Fire Spring water moistens our hearts, heals our minds and body, and brings us the confidence and courage to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Although everyone is isolated at home, the cosmic technique of Pandemic Disaster Prevention and Mitigation imparted by Grand Master Datong at the Elementary Spiritual Classroom makes the students’ unifying forces stronger; Students’ families also gain benefits physically and mentally, they sincerely admire the wonderful mystical secrets of Feng Huang Yuan.

Here are few experience sharings from students:

Xiangyan Dong:From February 1st to 3rd, after drinking the “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring”, I went to the bathroom many times, had been sneezing, and both feet from calf down were warm. On February 4th, there were many acne-like red spots on my front head. During these two months, I had serious rhinitis, and there was blood in my nose every morning, moreover it was very painful and dry, and uncomfortable. It got better today, there is no bleeding and snivel, and my nose is also not painful but very clean and comfortable. My older grandson’s cough has recovered as well. The red spots on my front head disappeared on February 5th. My nose is comfortable, there is no sputum in my throat.

Meilin Wang:Yesterday, while practicing “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring”, I saw energy at the bottom of the cup rising to the surface. There was a thin mist on the surface of the water, which was also like thin smoke. It tasted very sweet in my mouth, and my neck and back were hot and comfortable. This morning at 10:30am, I began to make the “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” according to the procedure, and after drinking it, I felt dull pain in my lower abdomen. My neck and back were hot. The pathogenic Qi flowed downward along my legs and was discharged through the Yongquan acupoint and the toes. I felt numbness and heat sensations. My knees were very comfortable too.

Guozhong Chen:Just now (February 6th afternoon) a strange thing happened on my daughter. Since my family lives at the junction of Shanghai and Shuzhou, there is a station along the road to check the temperature of people who pass by. My daughter had something to take care of and needed to go out. I let her drink the “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” before she went out. At the station, the examiner wanted to take a temperature on my daughter but was unable to do so. The thermometer was not responding. The second one did not work either, but the same thermometer worked on others. Last time when my daughter needed to go out, she drank the ”Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” and saw a celestial shield, thus the above could have happened because of this. I think that’s probably the reason.

Peihua Wang:Yesterday while in class, I was holding a small teapot, when a burst of energy entered my stomach and circled around several times. I felt very comfortable (the original problematic region). At 7 o’clock in the evening, I drank a small cup of “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring ” and felt my head was bloated. My body was very warm, my palms were red, and my fingers were bulging, full of energy… the sensation lasted more than two hours, followed by diarrhea, but there was no abdominal pain at all. Toxins were flushed out from the intestines.

Belinda:My husband’s left side tooth was inflamed and painful these few days. He dared not bite with his left tooth while eating. He felt that going to a dental clinic might be at risk of contracting the coronavirus, thus he had to endure the toothache. After drinking the “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” for two consecutive days, my husband told me: his toothache didn’t get worse as he expected, but it was getting better every day. When he hold the Sweet Dew and Fire Spring energized water in his mouth, the pain in his tooth was immediately relieved, and the painful area felt warm and soothing. Now, his tooth is completely painless. Such magical “pain relief water” that makes my husband admire the cosmic technique of Feng Huang Yuan more!

Fengmei Chen: Just now I made “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” with the energized and blessed Dan tea cup. When I drank it, I felt that my throat, stomach, all the way to my belly, and along this straight line, there were sensations of blockage, swelling, greasiness and a bit of burning. Later while I was practicing the “Evening Physical Healing”, these sensations disappeared gradually. There’s a little stickiness under both my armpits. The feeling of coldness on my whole back was gone, and eased up.

Lichan:After drinking the “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring”, I rarely feel hungry and do not crave for snacks other than having three meals. Even when snacks or snacks I previously liked are put in front of me, I will not reach out for them. This is very helpful to our body for we should understand that some diseases are caused by snacks.

Yuhong Cheng:After drinking the “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” on February 5th, I felt the energy of Phoenix entered quickly through my navel, then very gently, and slowly circulated from my navel to my Zhongwan (central venter). Then the pathogenic Qi was drained out from the soles of my feet. I meditated immediately and felt very strong energy of the Phoenix, constantly circulating from the lower Dantian to my back, then to my front chest, and next to my lower Dantian.

More experience sharings will be published in the “Practitioners’ Sharings” section.

Jixin Nan