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Submit Articles

Feng Huang Yuan website welcomes active contributions of articles from fellow practitioners and netizens. You can share with us your experience gained through Feng Huang Yuan cultivation and practices, your insights about the Universe and life, as well as various “three rescues” activities through individual or group effort in “saving oneself, saving all living beings, and saving Earth”.

Experience Sharing is a special cultivation and practice method, which can strengthen and reinforce the positive effects you reap; it can also inspire and move others, so that everyone can open their hearts, learn from each other’s strengths and improve their weaknesses, and advance together. A good experience sharing will release positive energy continuously and let the positive information repeats itself infinitely.

It is not necessary to write in flowery language. As long it is your true insights and comprehension, you can keep your writing succinct – clear and concise. Please include relevant pictures where necessary.


Submission E-mail: info@fhyuan.net

Submission Method: Please submit by e-mail.

You can compress your text documents and pictures into a zipped file and send it as an attachment. Please submit pictures with appropriate captions and indicate the locations where we should insert the pictures.

Please include the author’s name, contact number, e-mail address, etc. to enable us to respond in a timely manner.