Feng Huang Yuan
Grandmaster Datong
Mystical Interstellar Techniques
Three Rescues
Feng Huang Yuan
Feng Huang Yuan

Ancient Health Cultivation & Interstellar Spiritual Cultivation

Sublimation of Life & Great Cosmic Unity

Feng Huang Yuan
Grandmaster Datong

Grandmaster Datong

Grandmaster Datong
Mystical Interstellar Techniques
Embracing Interstellar Friends • Calling for High-Dimensional Civilization
Mystical Interstellar Techniques
Three Rescues
Save Oneself • Save All Beings • Save Earth
Three Rescues
Feng Huang Yuan
Grandmaster Datong
Mystical Interstellar Techniques
Three Rescues
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Feng Huang Yuan “Great Cosmic Unity”

The Great Ascension of Earth’s Humanity · The Great Leap of Earth’s Civilization


Feng Huang Yuan Practice Objectives

  • Cultivate high morality
  • Develop supreme wisdom
  • Activate great human capabilities
  • Advance towards higher dimensional realms


Feng Huang Yuan Health Cultivation System

  • Health cultivation through wisdom
  • Ancient health cultivation
  • Interstellar health cultivation


Feng Huang Yuan Nine Progressions

  • Learn to be a better person
  • Return to spirituality
  • Energetic transformation of the human being
  • Unity of heaven and human


Feng Huang Yuan “Three Rescues” Mission

  • Improvement of humanity
  • Overcoming the three great catastrophes
  • Purifying the Earth’s energy field

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About Feng Huang Yuan

Feng Huang Yuan is the abbreviation of “Feng Huang Yuan Great Return of Life System.” Feng Huang Yuan is developed with advancement from “Tian Gong”. Both are founded by Grandmaster Datong, also known as Grandmaster Letian.

Feng Huang Yuan is not a religion and its practitioners are not subject to restriction based on religion, race, ethnicity, language, gender, region or any such basis.

Feng Huang Yuan is a school of spiritual cultivation. It is also a school that conducts studies of life and the cosmos.

The aims of Feng Huang Yuan: To conduct studies of life and the cosmos from high-dimensional space-time perspectives, to guide inherently-connected people to cultivate high morality, develop supreme wisdom, activate great capabilities and advance towards higher dimensional realms.

The mission of Feng Huang Yuan practitioners: Save oneself, save all beings, and save Earth; create miracles of life, accomplish the return of life to its source, and merge with the great cosmic unity.

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About Grandmaster Datong

Grandmaster Datong is the founder of “Feng Huang Yuan Great Return of Life System” and “Tian Gong” (predecessor of Feng Huang Yuan), principal of Feng Huang Interstellar Institute, and chairman of Feng Huang Yuan International Association and Tiang Gong International Foundation.

Grandmaster Datong was born in Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and currently resides in San Francisco, United States.

Since the 1990s, Grandmaster Datong has been exploring interstellar holistic health cultivation, interstellar feng shui, mystical interstellar techniques, ancient civilizations, past civilizations, geocentric civilizations, extraterrestrial civilizations and mysteries of the cosmos, with the mission of “saving oneself, saving Earth, and saving all beings.”

He has been imparting mystical cultivation and practice techniques in Europe, the United States and Asia, and has been engaging in cultural exchanges and integration between East and West. In addition, he has incorporated the energetic transformation of human being and the ultimate realm of humanity into the Feng Huang Yuan system, in an approach to refine the Feng Huang Yuan cultivation and practice system to perfection progressively.

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Exploration & Sharings

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Questions and Answers

1. How to get started

• A beginner without basic knowledge of Feng Huang Yuan, can learn about Feng Huang Yuan by reading articles, listening to audios and watching videos available on this website.

• Online Videos: “Celestial Love Mantra”, “High-Dimensional Run”, “Strolling in Space” , among others, can be practiced on one’s own, without any guidance. This is a quick way to get started.

• Online Audios: Grandmaster Datong’s spiritual wisdom songs have high-dimensional energy, which has a certain healing effect on the “body, mind and soul” of the listener and the feng shui of the surrounding environment. It will work miracles for inherently-connected people, who listen with complete sincerity.

• Beginners can check out the Feng Huang Yuan course schedules and choose to enroll in suitable courses.

• Participate in Feng Huang Dan Tea group practices to further one’s understanding of Feng Huang Yuan.

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Feng Huang Tea Ceremony

1. Feng Huang Dan Tea

Feng Huang Dan Tea is a tea ceremony course with the main purpose of cultivating holistic health with tea, based on the uncovering of the crystallization tea culture of ancient civilizations. Through the tea ceremony, students meditate during the practice session, therefrom deriving peace of mind.

Tea ceremony replenishes Qi (life-force energy) with Dan (high-vibrational cosmic energy) and uses the seated meditation posture to stimulate circulation of all meridians with the warm-heat effect of tea. Experience and comprehend oneness of tea, human and environment to achieve self-control in cultivating one’s moral character and to uplift the cultivation of the self that is rooted in the inmost heart. Gradually experience the inner transformation of the body, mind and spirit, and get in touch with the profound mysteries of the culture of the cosmos.

Where conditions permit, inherently-connected people can participate in their local Feng Huang Tea Ceremonies. Through Feng Huang Dan Tea group practices, it is easy to get started, especially for beginners, and there will be many unexpected gains, which can help improve one’s health and spiritual practice.

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