Master Datong’s Feng Shui Lecture Series – Episode Two (Zhou Residence – Text Version)


“Master Datong Feng Shui Lecture Series” is a Lunar New Year program exclusively produced by California’s Crossings TV. Master Datong has been specially invited to the program to introduce basic knowledge of Feng Shui to everyone and help everyone improve their luck.

Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou have two children. Their youngest daughter is well-behaved and sensible , but the eldest son is quite a handful. Ever since they moved into this house, Mrs. Zhou’s family expenses have soared. It is easy to spend money but saving money is too difficult. Master Datong will check the Feng Shui and change their luck for them today.

Host: Good Feng Shui for New Year! Hello viewers! Welcome to Crossings TV program “the New Year Feng Shui Series”. I am the host Yue Heng. Today’s topic is about attracting and preserving wealth, and children’s education. We have invited Master Datong from Feng Huang Yuan, welcome.

Host: Hello Master!

Master Datong: Hello host! Happy New Year to all our viewers!

Host: Master, today we are going to visit Mrs. Zhou. She is an accountant and a real estate agent, and she has been very successful in her business. She and Mr. Zhou have a son and a daughter. The daughter is well-behaved and sensible but the son is quite a handful.. Mrs. Zhou said ever since they moved into this house, the family has been constantly spending money. So today I would like to ask Master to conduct a diagnosis of the Feng Shui layout of the house and identify the problem?

Master Datong: Okay.

Host: Let’s invite Mrs. Zhou, please. Hello Mrs. Zhou!

Mrs. Zhou: Hello, Yue Heng! Hello Master! Happy New Year!

Host: Mrs. Zhou, how long have you been living in this house?

Mrs. Zhou: We’ve been living here for about 13 years.

Host: 13 years. I was told that the house was designed and built by yourself, is that right?

Mrs. Zhou: Yes, that is right.

Host: Master, are there any problems with the external layout of the house?

Master Datong: Mrs. Zhou, the Feng Shui layout of this house is associated with financial losses and injuries to the occupants.

Host: Financial losses and injuries to the occupants. We know that financial losses means that Mrs. Zhou keeps spending money.

Mrs. Zhou: Absolutely yes. We have been spending money ever since we moved in.

Host: Yes, then what does it mean by injuries to the occupants?

Master Datong: Injuries to the occupants means the Feng Shui layout of the house will cause injuries or harm to the males in the house, especially boys.

Host: Yes, Mrs. Zhou, how is the situation of your son in this house ?

Mrs. Zhou: My son is 25 years old; He has not graduated from university after 7 or 8 years, so I’m worried..

Host: Oh yes, in fact, there is a bit of a problem. So Master, specifically, how does the layout affect wealth and family?

Master Datong: As you can see, the entrance of the house is facing two merging roads in front of it. It is like a bow, with the back of the bow facing the entrance. In Feng Shui, this is called Reverse Bow Sha.

Host: Reverse Bow Sha?

Master Datong: It resembles a bow ready to shoot.

Host: Since this is the case, what kind of harm does the Reverse Bow Sha generally have?

Master Datong: The ancient Feng Shui books said that if there is a Reverse Bow Sha in front of the house, it will cause illnesses and affect health. Declining wealth luck will affect the financial affairs and wealth energy, and it is easy to produce rebellious offspring.

Host: The child is giving many headaches.

Master Datong:The family relationships are superficial and shallow.

Host: Oh, it also affects family harmony.

Master Datong: Hard to find a perfect match.

Host: That’s right. it is difficult to find a suitable girlfriend.

Mrs. Zhou: Absolutely, yes. My son may have a lot of friends, but he just could not find a perfect match. As Master said, money is earned, but unable to preserve wealth, so it is always spending money.

Master Datong: If this kind of Feng Shui appears in front of a storefront, business will be tough. As for marriage, it will be bad and unlucky.

Host: Therefore, both business and family will be badly affected. Master, I have a question. Actually, this road is not a main road. It is just a curved driveway. Does this have an impact?

Master Datong: This is a very good question. Generally, when the Reverse Bow Sha pattern is big, the road has huge impact on the house; this is a small Reverse Bow Sha, it will not affect the house much. But the family structure of the Zhou’s family which denotes “Human”; this place, which denotes “Earth”; and this timing, which denotes “Heaven”; achieving resonance is more difficult for this type of “Heaven’s timing”, ”Earth’s geographical advantageous” and “Harmony of human”. Therefore, her interpersonal relationship, such person, such place, such timing, such house, and such Feng Shui layout will cause turbulence in the Feng Shui energy.

Mrs. Zhou: Oh, no wonder. This must have been the reason why my son has not graduated yet.

Host: Okay, how can we resolve such a powerful Reverse Bow Sha, Master?

Master Datong: Resolving the problem. Come over and I will let you know.

Host: Okay.

Master Datong: Now, from the perspective of Feng Huang Yuan’s Interstellar Feng Shui, the first method is to put the Five Emperors coins under the doormat.

Host: Put the Five Emperors coins under the doormat.

Master Datong: Second, Feng Huang Yuan has a Qilin Feng Shui sticker. There are two types: one is big and the other one is small. Stick the big one at the top; on both sides, paste a pair of small Feng Shui stickers. The third method is by placing a Taishan stone tablet at the corner of wall of the front door.

Host: Taishan stone tablet can then be placed at the corner of the wall.

Master Datong: These three methods will resolve this problem.

Host: Of these three methods, can Mrs. Zhou just use one of them?

Master Datong: No, she needs all three.

Host: Fine, use all three.

Mrs. Zhou: Okay.

Master Datong: It is better this way.

Host: Well, if after the three methods are used, what else on the outside needs to be resolved? Or are all the problems resolved completely?

Master Datong: The most important thing is that Mrs. Zhou and family should smile more, smile at each other and the people around them. The power of this smile is enormous. It can enhance the gentle energy of the house and reduce the damage of the Reverse Bow Sha to the house.

Host: Very well. TV viewers also heard what Master just said. If you buy a new house, you must pay attention to what the external environment of your home, and be sure to avoid having a Reverse Bow Sha facing your front door. Moreover, the most important things in Feng Shui are the three elements: heaven’s timing, earth’s geographical advantageous and harmony of human. We not only need to adjust the Feng Shui, but we also need to adjust our heart internally. Smile more and you will have more positive energy. Master, let’s check the inside of the house, shall we?

Master Datong: Okay.

Mrs. Zhou: Master, please come in.

Host: For a hall like this where the stairs are here, do you see any problem with the stairway?

Master Datong: The stairway is not too big, and the design is fine as it is not directly facing the front door.

Host: Oh, because this small curve here just bends it over.

Master Datong: That’s right, it is not a direct rushing energy flow.

Host: What would happen if it is facing the door?

Master Datong: If facing the main door, when one accidentally fell, it would be easy to fall down from the stairs. So there are safety issues, health issues, and wealth issues.

Host:Oh, so the wealth energy of the family might be flowing out of the door.

Master Datong: We need to keep the good things inside.

Host: Oh, I see.

Master Datong: We need to bring in good energy from the outside. Therefore, the stairs should not face the main door directly. It is not good.

Host: Got it.

Mrs. Zhou: Are our stairs okay?

Master Datong: No problem.

Host: If our viewers have a stairway facing the main door, how do we resolve the problem?

Master Datong: You can put a partition screen to separate the door from the stairway so that the energy can be turned around.

Host: Okay.

Master Datong: It will be better to block it.

Host: The stairway in Mrs. Zhou’s house is fine. There is no need to do anything.

Master Datong: Yes, don’t do anything for the time being.

Host: Okay, fine. Let’s check the other rooms.

Master Datong: Okay.

Mrs. Zhou: Okay, please come upstairs. Master, this is our master bedroom.

Host: The master bedroom is beautifully decorated. Did you design it on your own?

Mrs. Zhou: Yes, we designed it.

Host: Very artistic.

Mrs. Zhou: Thank you.

Host: Master, please take a look.

Master Datong: The first issue is that the burnt-out light bulb should be replaced.

Mrs. Zhou: Oh, so we need to pay attention to the lighting.

Master Datong: Is that a lamp too?

Mrs. Zhou: No.

Host: Why do we need to pay attention to this lighting?

Master Datong: The lighting is very well designed, but if one light is out, the energy and lighting would be unbalanced. It is like a person with a broken little finger, which is not good. It should be whole.

Mrs. Zhou: Okay, I will replace it immediately.

Host: Good, replace it immediately after we finished this program.

Master Datong: The second issue is these are artificial flowers.

Host: Yes, they are all artificial ones, easy to take care of.

Master Datong: Those are artificial as well. In the husband and wife room, the master bedroom, don’t place artificial items here. There are three artificial items which will affect the couple’s relationship and it would be better to take them away. The relationship between husband and wife needs to be true and authentic.

Host: So Master, do they need to replace ithem with real flowers?

Master Datong: It is not necessary. For a husband and wife, the master bedroom should be simple and elegant. Is the frame above the bedhead made of plastic or metal?

Mrs. Zhou: It is metal.

Master Datong: It’s metal, then that’s too heavy above the headboard. It’s better to take it away.

Host: It is really beautiful, but it is not good for couple’s relationship.

Master Datong: Yes, it’s too heavy to put it here and it’s really not good. It’s better to take it away.

Host: Is there any other problem, Master?

Master Datong: The third issue is the bed. There is a black cushion on the mattress, doesn’t it look uncomfortable?

Host: It does not look like a part of the set.

Master Datong: If it doesn’t make up a set then just take it away.

Mrs. Zhou: This is not needed. Will take it to guest room.

Master Datong: Yes, put it somewhere else. Now, this is a great set of colors. How nice! Neatly arranged, and the color looks good. There is one more thing which is the most important in a relationship between husband and wife.

Host: One more thing? Please tell us now.

Master Datong: The simplest yet most difficult thing is to smile often.

Host: Ha ha! Still, it is smile more.

Master Datong: Smile more, smile when you get up, smile before going to bed at night, smile all day long. Your husband and wife relationship will be good even if it is not.

Host: Yes, just like the old Chinese saying, respect and love each other.

Master Datong: We need to smile more. Smile is a kind of positive energy, high-vibrational energy from the Universe.

Host: Okay, we have seen the couple’s room. Let’s check the children’s rooms.

Mrs. Zhou: Master, as I told you yesterday that my daughter went back to San Diego State University to study. She is a good kid. I do not worry about her much. Please look at her room.

Master Datong: She’s doing well in school, right?

Mrs. Zhou: Her grades are very good.

Master Datong: I have just checked your daughter’s room, the bed is well arranged and the furniture set up is good, seems like she knows the concept of Feng Shui innately. From the Feng Shui perspective, your daughter’s room has the best Feng Shui; the master bedroom is the second best. This room is pretty colorful and thus not as good. Why?

Host: Master, please enlighten us.

Master Datong: Let me tell you. The worst is this door clash. As soon as the door is opened, it is facing the bed, giving a clear view of the bed. People from outside can see the person on the bed which does not look proper and has no privacy. This is the first problem of the door clash. The second problem is that the negative energy from the door clash will affect the health of the person sleeping on the bed. The third reason is that the door clash can distract the person sleeping on the bed, and the person might catch a cold easily.

Host: Also prone to nervous breakdown.

Master Datong: Right, the second problem is the bed should be against the wall, the backing should be strong. Look at your son’s bed, the top of it are windows, meaning it’s empty, and there is no support at all. What are the consequences of this? Firstly, the window is clear; and there is no feeling of support and nothing to rely on, so it will have some impact on his studies and career.

Host: It is very unstable.

Master Datong: Secondly, according to ancient Feng Shui books, sleeping under the window can cause a person to have many dreams. Thirdly, it would also make the person disoriented, especially young people. Such bed placement will have a negative impact on him as it is hard for him to have a clear objective.

Mrs. Zhou: Yes, no wonder, he studied for 7 years and still not able to graduate.

Master Datong: Haven’t graduated in 7 years, so this must be changed.

Mrs. Zhou: Okay, how to change then?

Master Datong: Since the room is not big, you can only choose to move the bed over here. At least the head of the bed is against the wall, and there is a good support. Part of it may also have something to do with this window. You can use a curtain to cover this window and open the window over there. You can open it during the day and close it at night.

Mrs. Zhou: Okay.

Master Datong: There is a window here. Use a curtain to cover it at night. You can open it during the day for ventilation, it doesn’t matter.

Mrs. Zhou: Okay, close the curtain at night.

Master Datong: Close the curtain at night. This will solve the problem connected with the bed.

Mrs. Zhou: Okay, but there is a garage below, does it have any effect?

Host: Is it whether the noise will be disturbing to him?

Master Datong: The garage. Is there a wall behind your garage?

Mrs. Zhou: I want it to be ventilated, so both ends are open.

Master Datong: Then you made a mistake again.

Mrs. Zhou: Another mistake?

Master Datong: This garage is open on both ends. Energy flow is created when a car moves in and out. Although the garage is below, a car moving in and out will affect the energy of the upper room. For example, some building overhangs? The overhang is where the road passes underneath, and the upper part is the building, where stores are opened. This kind of building structure is called an overhang. Doing business or sleeping on the upper structure of an overhang is not good. This is a bedroom with a little overhang feature.

Mrs. Zhou: How can it be improved?

Master Datong: Improvement is necessary because the space below is empty and energy is unstable. According to the Five Elements Theory, the person sleeping here will be in healthy environment when the human energy field and the Earth’s five elements, the interstellar field and the cosmic field achieve resonance. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the Earth element by replacing it with a yellow carpet. Additionally, put the Five Emperor coins under the yellow carpet to strengthen the Earth and Metal elements. In this way, the person can have a well-rested sleep here, and there will be a huge difference.

Mrs. Zhou: Thank you.

Host: He will also make more money, right?

Master Datong: When he grows up, he will be able to find a job more easily.

Host: Master, I noticed that there is a special part in his room. The bathroom is red in color. See how bright it is. It feels like Chinese New Year.

Master Datong: A red bathroom? I see that this room has the most variety of colors. The room is green and the bathroom is red. These are not very good. It is better to change to cream color. In fact the bathroom is a place where humidity, Yin energy and bad energy are concentrated. It can easily attracts negative information or energy. In addition, the color is red, the Sha Qi of the color is called “Se Sha”, which will affect the kidney and bladder system of the person living here and cause other problems.

Host: Is it that serious?

Master Datong: The renal function system, including the urinary system, reproductive system and excretion are all related to this area. Do not underestimate the role of the bathroom, pay attention to it. It is recommended to change to cream color for better result.

Mrs. Zhou: Okay, thank you Master!

Host: Hi TV viewers, everyone should also pay attention. If you want to paint your room in different colors and make it look nice, do not paint the bathroom red. It will cause “Se Sha” and affect the functions of various organs of your body. Master, we have completed the diagnosis of this room, let’s go downstairs, have a cup of tea and take a rest, then give Mrs. Zhou’s family more suggestions, is that okay?

Master Datong: Okay.

Mrs. Zhou: Thank you Master, this way please.

Host: Master just made a partial diagnosis and adjustment of our room. So Master, let’s ask Mrs. Zhou. How do you feel now after we’ve seen the Feng Shui in this room?

Mrs. Zhou: First, I would like to thank Master for coming to my house to help us with the Feng Shui of the house and giving us so many valuable suggestions. We will make some improvements. I hope my son can concentrate on his studies and find a stable job soonest so that we as parents will feel relieved. Thank you.

Host: Yes, we wish Mrs. Zhou’s family and son can find their own life direction in the new year, and everyone can save the money they earned.

Master Datong: Our Feng Huang Yuan’s Interstellar Feng Shui can clear blockages of the acupoints and meridians of this house, and even lock in energy. A house is like a person because a person has internal organs; a house also has internal organs. We use Energy Feng Shui method of Feng Huang Yuan. If there are problems in the bathroom or kitchen, we can solve them one by one and finally, it is clearing the energy field to remove the negative information and negative energy. Then invite the great positive energy and the light of celestial love to build an energy barrier to protect the Feng Shui of this house.

Host: Great! Master, at the end of the program, do you have any opinions or suggestions to Mrs. Zhou?

Master Datong: It is easy to adjust the Feng Shui, but difficult to maintain good Feng Shui. It is easy to conquer a country, but hard to maintain it. The Feng Shui of the house can be directly related to the owner of the house. Bad Feng Shui could be brought in by yourself subconsciously. After my adjustment, Mrs. Zhou’s family should pay attention to virtue cultivation and health cultivation. What is virtue cultivation? It is to accumulate good deeds, do good deeds, help others, help the earth and help the world. What about health cultivation? You can practice Qi Gong, Yoga, or some other wellness and longevity secret methods. This way, when cultivation and practices are properly carried out, and the Feng Shui of the house will be easily maintained.

Host: Okay, Master, now that we have completed the Feng Shui cures for the house, can we make some adjustments to help the family increase their luck?

Master Datong: If you ask this question, I think, there are traffic accidents every day. Why? Feng Shui professionals and people who drive, they usually overlook a very important issue that is the Feng Shui of the car.

Host: Oh, well, after the program, we will also adjust the Feng Shui of Mrs. Zhou’s car, especially her son’s car.

Master Datong: Okay.

Host: Hello TV viewers, if you need information about car Feng Shui, please remember to log on to our official website: www.Crossingstv.Com/fengshui2016. If you have any comments or suggestions, or any questions, please email us at fengshui@Crossingstv.Com. Thanks for watching! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Master Datong: Thank you to all our viewers! Wishing all of you a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year!