About Feng Huang Yuan

Feng Huang Yuan, the abbreviation of “Feng Huang Yuan Great Return of Life System”, is developed with advancement from Tian Gong System. Both are founded by Grandmaster Datong, also known as Grandmaster Letian.

Feng Huang Yuan is not a religion. Its practitioners are not subject to restriction based on religion, race, ethnicity, language, gender, region or any such basis.

Feng Huang Yuan, also referred to as FHY, is not only a school of spiritual cultivation but it is also a school that conducts studies of life and the Universe.

Feng Huang Yuan’s Aims:

Conduct studies of life and the Universe from higher-dimensional space-time perspectives, guide inherently-connected people to cultivate high morality, develop supreme wisdom, activate great capabilities, and advance towards higher dimensional realms.

Feng Huang Yuan Practitioner’s Mission:

Save oneself, save all beings and save Earth; create life’s miracles, accomplish the return of life to its source, and merge with the great cosmic unity.

Feng Huang Yuan Cultivation and Practice Guide:

Observe the etiquettes of Confucius and Mencius; walk the path of the sages; practice the teachings of Yellow Emperor and Laozi; knock on the gate of the divine human; explore the path of dimensional shift; actualize the aspiration of ascending to the divine realm.

Feng Huang Yuan Five Foundations of Morality:

Be filial and respectful to teachers; respect all things; appreciate and repay kindness; be compassionate and peaceful; keep promises.

The basic personality that a Feng Huang Yuan cultivator needs to possess: Be righteous; don’t do unrighteous deeds, don’t be an unrighteous person.


Feng Huan Yuan System is composed of Nine-Part Progression: “Feng Huang knocks to enter the Nine Celestial realms; Feng Huang calls within the Nine Celestial realms; Feng Huang dances in the Nine Celestial realms; Feng Huang rises out of water; Feng Huang ascends the cloud stairway; Young Feng Huang tries sounding off; Feng Huang bathes in fire; A multitude of birds worships Feng Huang; Feng Huang attains Nirvana.”

Each part of the Progression consists of two sub-parts: a spiritual level and an interstellar secret method. Each interstellar secret method revolves around its spiritual level. FHY System’s first, second and third parts share the same level of the spiritual requirements: learn to be a better person.

Feng Huang Yuan’s Characteristics:

  1. Simple and easy to learn,
  2. Safe and reliable,
  3. “Greater Self” (selfless) cultivation,
  4. Dual cultivation of one’s spiritual and physical essence.

FHY System is divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. It’s suitable for the individual in selecting the practices according to one’s capabilities and needs.

1. Elementary level:

Practice the FHY Nine Secret Methods of Health Cultivation (“three-in-one” secret methods of health cultivation consisting of ancient health cultivation, interstellar health cultivation, scientific health cultivation); heal one’s illness if one is sick; strengthen one’s body if one is healthy; enhance one’s wellness and longevity as well as train energy healer of various levels.

Starting from “learning to be a better person”, FHY provides a simple and easy-to-learn health cultivation secret methods. These practices help the student overcome the obstacles in health, Feng Shui, family, marriage, career, academic study, financial situation, interpersonal relationships, etc., in order to to build a happy life.

2. Intermediate level:

Learn the various cosmic skills; activate the faculty of wisdom, and develop latent human potential to realize extraordinary abilities.

3. Advanced level:

Dan-Alchemy: Cultivate and practice the long-lost “Energetic Transformation of the Human Being (Tuo Tai Huan Gu)” secret method; research life extension and revitalization, age reversal, life revival; promote the transformation from human to higher beings, and ultimately, accomplish the great ascension of human life.