Discussion About the Indian Ocean Tsunami

── New Year’s speech by Grandmaster Letian in Berlin on January 6, 2005

Date Published: 2006-4-6

Dear Students,

These few days, starting from December 26, 2004, what touched the hearts of the people around the world was the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. This event has caused many people in the world to suddenly wake up. However, many people still won’t wake up. This is a moderate warning from the Universe. It is an adjustment of the Universe. It is an action to save the planet by sacrificing some people of the planet. There are still bigger events to come.

After seeing the news of the Indian Ocean tsunami on the 26th of December, we immediately used our extraordinary ability to study its cause and effect. The Universe told us about some of the situations: the earth has lost its balance, and there are many places where there is no more underground oil. Oil is the essential liquid of the Earth. The essential liquid from many parts of the Earth has been drained. The underground natural gas is also gradually decreasing. The underground water in the big cities is also getting less. This causes some places to be hollow. This makes the Earth loses its balance.

We can see from our celestial eye that the energy below the Earth is very unbalanced. In many places, negative Qi gathers together and cannot disperse. The Earth is in a disastrous and horrible state.

There was originally a crack at the bottom of the Indian Ocean and a large amount of Qi (negative energy, Yin garbage) accumulated there and cannot be dispersed. There are many places on the Earth that are hollow while the areas surrounding the cracks are solid. Thus, the negative Qi that is accumulated in these places cannot be dispersed. There is also a lot of accumulated Qi in the sea that cannot be dispersed. Indonesia and Sri Lanka have civil wars; Southern Thailand and southern India are unstable places. The negative energy from the ground cannot be dispersed. The tourism countries around the Indian Ocean are polluted by the Qi of human desire and the rubbish thrown by the tourists. This caused a large amount of negative energy to be accumulated on the coast of the Indian Ocean. In addition, there is seawater pollution caused by exhaust gas discharged from a large amount of vessels and etc. The Qi under the ground, on the ocean, on the ground and at low altitude cannot be dispersed. Just like a large pustule on a person that has become cancerous and is starting to rot. Without surgery, the person’s life will be in danger. To promote the flow of Qi requires performing a surgery. During a surgery when the bad cells are removed, some good cells will definitely be affected. Therefore, in such a catastrophe, the bad people will vanish while some good people may also vanish.

The message we received was: This big earthquake and tsunami is a big warning from Heaven to humans. Through this, hopefully humans will wake up. Following this, there are two more big warnings on the ocean. If humans still do not wake up by then, the following consequences will be hard to predict. So, will humans wake up? Is it a little too late?

If humans wake up, they would correct themselves and change the current situation of the Earth, for example the industrialized countries and the fast-developing countries would reduce exhaust emissions. This is a difficult task. To reduce industrial pollution and other issues, the economy is bound to be affected. When the economy slows down, the people will be dissatisfied. As leader of a country, they have to consider the opinion of the people. The industrial and technology developments seem like a progression but are actually a regression. More than 6 billion people around the world clearly know that this is a dead-end road, yet they still push forward, unwilling to step back. Everyone is running towards a dead end. Industry and science must progress and no one is willing to step back. If the leader of a certain industrialized country wants to step back, many people of the country will rise up and oppose him and not let him be president. What can you do? The leader and the people are in a very contradictory position. If you ask everyone in this room to lower their wages, how many would be happy? How can we reduce the standard of living? However, raising the standard of living, and the abundance of wealth come with a cost. What is the cost? Nowadays in this world, many politicians, scientists, religionists to common people, are full of contradictions. Where is the way out?

Some people blamed the absence of the early warning system for the death of so many people during the Indian Ocean tsunami. Does it matter if the early warning system exists? The tsunami will still come, just less deaths and fewer losses.  Does it matter if there are less deaths and losses? Will the disaster not happen again? The fundamental problem has not been solved!

This tsunami affected 11 countries while 4 countries endured most damages. Aceh in Indonesia suffered the most losses. Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world. Aceh has been embroiled in a civil war for over 30 years. Most of the people in Sri Lanka are Buddhist. There are some Christians and Catholics. There are also some Muslims. They fought a civil war for 20 years. India is a Hindu country and the south is a bit chaotic. Thailand is a Buddhist country and the south is also the same, a bit chaotic. We observed that these countries have one thing in common, that is the places that suffered the most losses are the places that are the most chaotic and the most popular tourist destinations. Unrest and war caused the Qi of hatred to be accumulated; tourism caused the material and pecuniary Qi to spread along the coastline;  the large number of resorts and hotels built there polluted the coastline and the sea water. Maldives is only 1 meter above sea level. The head of the country appealed for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. He said that if carbon dioxide continue to be emitted like this, their country will disappear and be submerged into the sea. That is why, every year, they appeal to developed countries to reduce their CO2 emissions. This time, two-thirds of their capital has been submerged.

Yesterday, I met with Dr. Tianqi. She said she went  to Maldives before for a vacation. She said there was no garbage collection station. Many people travel there and they throw bottles and cans into the sea. You’re worried that the increase in CO2 from other countries would submerge your country, yet are you not worried that the marine life would have no place of shelter due to the sea garbage? Are you not afraid of wounding the sea-god? Even if the level of CO2 is reduced, but the amount of garbage on the sea keeps increasing and the Indian Ocean is full of floating garbage, can this country still survive? In these tourism countries, does tourism bring them advantages or disadvantages? Without tourism, they will be poor; but with tourism, the environment will be destroyed.

I have been to Thailand once and the impression has been bad. There are always some people in the world who like to go to Thailand. Why do they like to go to Thailand? Other than the beaches, there are other things such as some weird things and very cheap girls. In the United States, I’ve heard that some Americans took their pension and went to Thailand to find a young wife or girlfriend, which is very cheap.  Thailand is a self-proclaimed Buddhist country. But what kind of things are they doing under the banner of Buddhism? They are doing some disgraceful and bewildering things like prostitution, pornography, and other unsightly stuff. I went there once and what I saw was really terrible. It would be better if they don’t use the banner of Buddhism. If they do all these disgraceful things under the banner of Buddhism to make money, will the Buddha be happy? A few years ago, the financial crisis that hit the world started from Thailand. During this big tsunami, Thailand suffered great losses for a reason. I think something terrible will happen again in Thailand.

So far, in this tsunami, more than 4000 Americans are still missing, more than 1000 Germans and 1500 Swedes are also missing. Sweden has a population of more than 8 million and it seems almost everyone has relatives or friends missing there. This time, all the major religions have suffered. Some of the Muslims in Indonesia, the Buddhists in Sri Lanka, the Hindus in India, and the Christians, Catholics and Jews from America and Europe has died or are missing. These major religions have suffered. When disaster strikes, everyone should bear it together. But when the disaster is over, they shouldn’t  fight with each other again. The leaders of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam in Sri Lanka concluded that this is a warning from Heaven to humans. This time, we can see some unity in the disaster relief activity. However, some people said that certain countries have other motives in helping. I think we shouldn’t talk about this but instead focus on the disaster relief first. We should find ways to rescue the people and restore order there. Many European countries including Germany did a good job. Many countries have canceled their celebration for the New Year. Some countries flew their flags at half-mast, observed national mourning, and donated money. However, some countries were not on the same page as the international community, doing their own things which were puzzling and disgusting.

In January last year, we went to Mexico. The high-dimensional beings told us that the Mayans were the most intelligent people in the world. Why did they become extinct so early? The high-dimensional beings told us one word: “Forgetful!”. They forgot too fast. What did they forgot? They have forgotten the lessons of how the Mayan planet was destroyed, and how the Mayan people escaped from the Mayan planet to the planet earth and thereafter experienced multiple destructions of their civilization. The Chinese called this “Pain is forgotten once your wound is healed” Often, when a disaster is just over, we can still remember the painful lesson and dare not do bad things. However, after some time, we forgot and go back to our old ways. When a new disaster happens, we’re shocked and warn ourselves: don’t do bad things again. After a while, we go back to our old selfish ways again.

Last winter, Berlin Tiangong practitioners meditated one last time before the year-end for the Earth. In the speech that day, I may have mentioned the December 26th Indian Ocean tsunami. This is also a kind of premonition.

In 1999, Isola, one of the persons in charge of Tiangong in the Canary Islands, saw with her celestial eyes, a wall of tsunami smashing towards her. The year before last, we practised at the foot of a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. We saw in our celestial  eyes that the volcano was still alive with the presence of gods and high intelligence extraterrestrial life. Last year, when we were holding a class in the Canary Islands, we went again to the foot of the volcano to practise. A lot of students discovered that many of the high intelligence beings were packing their luggage and equipment, ready to leave. The surrounding mountains, where the deities once lived, were now empty like an empty house. The deities in the volcano told us that they were leaving. Some students saw in their celestial eyes that the volcano collapsed. Some saw the island of Tenerife being submerged. Many students saw in their celestial eyes that a disaster will strike Canary Islands. I asked the Spanish students, what opinions do those of you living on the island have? Someone replied: no opinion! When the disaster comes, it comes.

The Universe told us that the energy of Berlin Tiangong can only reduce the losses of the Canary Islands but the Canary Islands cannot escape this disaster. Several of our students predicted, back-to-back, when this would happen, and their predicted time matched one another’s. Is it accurate? Only time will tell.

In December last year, a Dutch Tiangong student called me from Amsterdam and said that there was a UFO above Amsterdam airport. A student of Grandmaster in Berlin, W, also saw with her celestial eyes a UFO above Amsterdam airport. I asked the Dutch student to take a photo quickly. Some students have seen this photo.  In Berlin we talked to the extraterrestrials in the UFO above Amsterdam airport and asked them what will happen to Netherlands and when. The high-dimensional beings told us that the enclosed dike would break down and the coastline would be flooded and the flood would advance to the interior. What the high intelligence beings meant to warn the Tiangong student to leave Netherlands.

Recently, I read an article written by a scientist on the Internet which said that the tsunami caused by the Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004 was only a few meters high. This type of tsunami, though not very powerful, has swept across the Indian Ocean to the east coast of Africa. There is a more powerful type of tsunami, a tsunami caused by landslide, and the waves can reach one hundred meters high. This scientist also predicted that a tsunami more dangerous than the recent one will occur in the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands consist of seven islands and we predicted that this will happen in Tenerife island. The scientist said this would happen in La Palma island, which is next to Tenerife. He said that La Palma would collapse. Once La Palma collapsed, a tsunami would sweep across the Atlantic Ocean and push towards the east coast of the United States and Canada. The east coast of Canada, New York, Boston and Florida state will all be inundated. The Caribbean countries would be submerged. It will also push towards North Africa and the west coast of Europe. We predicted through our celestial eyes that part of North Africa would collapse, areas around Morocco would disappear and the Canary Islands would also disappear. Some Atlantic countries, like Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Belgium, the north coast of Germany, and the United Kingdom would suffer heavy losses. The number deaths from areas around the Atlantic Ocean would reach several millions to tens of millions.

Will this happen? We hope it won’t. But we have to prepare for the worst. Some people may think that the seaside is not safe, and we should move to the interior. I have seen an article that there was a family in New York living next to the Twin Towers. During the September 11 attacks, the Twin Towers were destroyed by the terrorists. The family felt that living in the United States was terrifying and unsafe. The whole family moved to Hong Kong, which is a shopping paradise. So they fled from New York to Hong Kong. Not long after, the SARS epidemic spread to Hong Kong. The whole family wore masks for a few months, living on the edge. They somehow managed to pull through and survived. Last year, they went to Thailand during Christmas to enjoy the beach and celebrate the festival. When they were there, the tsunami came and the whole family fled. Although they survived, the lingering fear was hard to get over! It’s not safe at lots of places. Who knows what will happen tomorrow and where!

Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, troubles around the world continue to happen: the Madrid train bombing, the Russian Beslan school hostage crisis, SARS, bird flu… Last year, I saw on the American TV that an authoritative person from the World Health Organization predicted that bird flu would definitely break out. He said bird flu would be many times worse than SARS. If the bird flu breaks out again, according to the most conservative estimate, at least 2-7 million people would die. It is possible that 20-50 million people, or even 100 million people would die. Yesterday, I reread this article. You escaped the tsunami, but can you escape the bird flu? Even if 100 million people die from the bird flu, there will still be 5.9 billion people alive. These 5.9 billion people will feel lucky to escape the catastrophes and think “Am I not still alive?” Regarding this point, our Berlin Tiangong students may understand more than some people. You all understand some of the things that I said. But some people will not understand. They will still go back to their old ways, unwilling to change. Have you all seen the news? There were still many corpses on the beaches of Thailand, but in the city center, tourists were singing and dancing as usual. Some tourists were seeking excitement by taking photos with a large number of corpse as the background. There were even girls who did this.

There was a girl who was washed ashore by the waves but was gang-raped. Some people had abducted the children who lost their parents. In the refugee camp, many women and girls were sexually assaulted. Now the crocodiles have crawled ashore in large numbers, posing another danger to the refugees. The crocodiles that couldn’t find anything to eat and crawled ashore were very aggressive. The rescuers need to take care of the refugees on one hand and deal with the crocodiles on the other.

Sweden reported that among over a thousand missing people, many had their homes looted and burgled. The Swedish government is now afraid to announce the disappearance of people for fear that their house could be burgled. I couldn’t imagine that this kind of thing could happen in a country as good as Sweden, and these are not isolated incidents. More than 4,000 overseas Chinese in Indonesia are fleeing for the second time. The first time, they were fleeing from the tsunami. What are they fleeing from now? Some Indonesians are robbing the shops and houses of the Chinese. So the over 4,000 overseas Chinese, in order to avoid being robbed, are fleeing for the second time. What is happening to this world? Can this Earth be saved? What will happen if the same disaster occurs in Europe? No one knows.

Last year, while meditating for the Earth, I said that we shouldn’t wait for a disaster to come before we make preparations. We should prepare early. How should we prepare? Cultivate! Is cultivation useful? I think so. At least it is better that not cultivating. Cultivation might even save you. This is very profound. The Heaven can discern people; disasters and viruses can also discern people. Those who looted, kidnapped children, robbed and made some money after the disaster shouldn’t be happy too early. These people don’t understand the law of cause and effect. Everything has its cause and effect. As I said just now, there were causalities in these disaster-affected countries. Why did it happen in these countries? Today, the death toll is estimated at 160,000. I think it is far more than that. It should be more than 200,000. Some of the deaths cannot simply be accounted for.

Why can’t you see any animal carcasses when hundreds of thousands of people have died? According to a report, all the 200 workers of Sri Lanka’s largest national zoo died, but no animal carcasses were seen and the animals were not dead. India’s largest animal rescue organization also said that they did not receive any report of animal carcasses. The Heaven said that the animals are better than you humans and may have been notified earlier. The animals that received the early notifications had already taken the necessary measures. As human desires are strong, they closed themselves and thus cannot receive the notification from the Universe. We saw in our celestial eyes that many animals ascended to Heaven and many tormented souls were crying and wailing on the sea. We should cultivate continuously, before a disaster, during a disaster, and even more so, after a disaster. When cultivation becomes a habit, no matter what happens, our conduct will be in accordance with the heavenly law.

I’ve printed out a few photos from the Internet. Has everyone seen them? The photos are about a 37-year old mother from Sweden, called Swad, saving her three children. The tsunami appeared like a wall in front and people are running away but this mother is running towards the waves. Image result for KarinSvard As seen clearly from the photo, the mother and three children were swallowed by the waves. Then suddenly, a miraculous force sent them back to the high ground. The three children said that they were already at the bottom of the sea but suddenly they appeared at the shore again. I specially printed out these photos. They explain a point. The power of Heaven can create miracles and a compassionate heart can save others and oneself. At the time, the mother didn’t think of herself. She only wanted to save others and would rather die with her children. This kind of thought energy moved the Heaven. There is a kind of energy that can move the Heaven and that is a good heart and excellent thought, which will go straight to the Heaven. When the Heaven was moved, the whole family was sent to a safe place.

Therefore, no matter what happens, every student of Tiangong should use your good thought on the spur of the moment to move the Heaven. Then there will be no problem at all. When disaster strikes, don’t be selfish, don’t harm others, don’t be self-centered, and don’t be afraid of death. The more you are afraid of death, the more likely you’ll die, the more you are self-centered, the more the Heaven will not benefit you.

Now, let me summarize what I said earlier: disaster will come again and the Earth is still in danger. In order to save the Earth, the Universe may cause some people to lose their lives or properties. Who are most at risk when catastrophe strikes? Very selfish people are most at risk. Will all cultivators survive? No. Some cultivators may also die in the event of a disaster. We can see a phenomenon. Are those hundreds of thousands of people who died all bad people? No, there are good people also. When a disaster comes, the soul and the body of the deceased is separated immediately. But the good soul will leave the body behind and ascend to Heaven. Some people may appear dead, but in reality, their souls have ascended. Some souls that can’t ascend are still crying on the sea. Some are sent to the underworld immediately.

Everyone, please ponder what I have said today: what should we do? Should we continue to cultivate forever? How should we cultivate? How should we save the Earth, save humanity, and save ourselves? These are the topics that I will discuss with our students tonight.

Thank you all!