The Call of Grandmaster Datong

Date Published: 2014-4-4

Since I joined in the practice of “Morning Physical Healing” and “Evening Physical Healing”, the emanation body of Grandmaster Datong often appears, reciting this poem. This poem lets us understand just how compassionate and selfless is the love of Grandmaster.  He is sending us a wake-up call: Be untangled from the trivial affairs of the mundane world;  enhance the cultivation of the body, mind, and soul; In the passage of time, take control of yourself without losing direction that leads your return to the original source of life.

Fellow practitioners, it’s time to wake up
I regulate your meridian channels
So that your physical body won’t be weak
Because you are carrying the burdens of many lifetimes
It’s too heavy and tiring
You look but fail to see the heavenly world
You listen but fail to hear your kinfolk’s calling
You eat but fail to discern the poisonous toxins
You’re completely unaware of the passing of time
Always on the run with uncertainty on a lonesome road
Being entangled in the trivial affairs of your mundane life and unable to extricate yourself
And thus suffering endless torments

Although some people are enjoying their life
But some people are so grieved yet unable to shed a tear
When the body is kept in the icy chamber
Calling for direction of your journey with a sorrowful weep
Being tossed around for a few thousand, a few hundred or a few tens of years
Lying ahead is still a bleak blankness
Remorseful about having wasted the acting stage of this lifetime

Fellow practitioners, it’s time to wake up
Be unshackled and become carefree in our holistic health cultivation
Let your tendons and bones be filled with the energy of light
Because the air you breathe
Is thinning and dissociating
Soon, there will be a fleeting moment of panic
And ineludible disaster
If your physical strength is not built up
You are incapable to avoid or resist

All good things must come to an end in this world
I hope to leave you the most brilliant version of your life
By imparting the cosmic techniques to you
While the moon brings you into a wonderful dreamland
The sun shines upon you as you wake up with a smile
No more stumbling while walking
No more pain and itch while meditating
Let your first cry and the last drop of tear
Melt away into the land, ocean, rivers and mountains
Give a round of applause for your lifetime endeavors
To be in control of steering the ship of destiny
Courageously transcend the horizon full of vicissitudes
Your life is drawn with a glorious ending

Fallen leaves return to the roots in the perfect world
Singing vibrantly and rejoice with laughters when you reach the other shore being full of merit and virtue
Strive for perfection in overcoming the eighty-one tribulations
Advance toward Great Unity as all lives return back to the Origin

Quite helpless in the hands of time! How can you wait any longer!

Lu Lisha (China)