Feng Huang Tea Ceremony for Beginners

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1. Dan Tea for Beginners

Feng Huang Dan Tea is a tea ceremony course with the main purpose of cultivating holistic health with tea, based on the uncovering of the crystallization tea culture of ancient civilizations. Through the tea ceremony, students meditate during the practice session, therefrom deriving peace of mind.

Tea ceremony replenishes Qi (life-force energy) with Dan (high vibrational cosmic energy) and uses the seated meditation posture to stimulate circulation of all meridians with the warm-heat effect of tea. Experience and comprehend oneness of tea, human and environment to achieve self-control in cultivating one’s moral character and to uplift the cultivation of the self that is rooted in the inmost heart. Gradually experience the inner transformation of the body, mind and spirit, and get in touch with the profound mysteries of the culture of the cosmos.

Where conditions permit, inherently-connected people can participate in their local Feng Huang Tea Ceremonies. Through Feng Huang Dan Tea group practices, it is easy to get started, especially for beginners, and there will be many unexpected gains, which can help improve one‘s health and spiritual practice.

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