A Brief Introduction to Elementary Spiritual Classroom

Date Published: 2020-8-23

1. Origins:

On April 17, 2019, one of China’s four great sages, the Great Sage Teacher Wang Yangming entrusted a dream to Grandmaster Datong:

“Datong, instead of talking about changes, it is better to make changes. Last night, Peng Zu said to me: ‘The Inter-Dimensional Private School lets spiritual students attain realizations. Once in the worldly life, spirituality is murky and unclear again. The establishment of the Elementary Spiritual Classroom can help students who are willing to improve their spiritual level. Elementary Spiritual Classroom will produce talents, not talents with extraordinary abilities as cultivated by Datong previously, but plum talents. ’”

“What Peng Zu said is true. The Elementary Spiritual Classroom is to be launched by Senior Sister Lisa, who will report to Grandmaster Datong at any time, with Grandmaster Datong overseeing the whole operations. She will deal with matters theistically. The Elementary Spiritual Classroom should be conducted decently. The content of each article will be disclosed to Senior Sister Lisa, perhaps one section a day, or perhaps one section a few days. Each time, the content is to be copied out by hand, some content needs to be copied out once, some content needs to be copied out five to ten times. Practice with agility and the aesthetic way. Acquire meaningful knowledge at every moment. Truly doing meaningful things the remaining portion of one’s life, and constantly improving the qualities of the self.”

Therefore, Grandmaster Datong and Senior Sister Lisa immediately made arrangement for the “Elementary Spiritual Classroom.”

2. What is Elementary Spiritual Classroom?

The Feng Huang Yuan cultivation and practice system is composed of a nine-part progression of life, and each part consists of a spiritual level and an interstellar mystical secret method. The spiritual level is the principal part while the interstellar mystical secret method is the supplementary, and the interstellar mystical secret method revolves around the spiritual level.

The core spirits of the spiritual level of the first three parts of the progression are “cause and effect”, “etiquette”, and “righteousness” respectively; group these phrases together, it means “learn to be a better person.” If one fails to learn to be a better person, one’s cultivation practice will be as futile as drawing water with a bamboo basket. The Elementary Spiritual Classroom and the Inter-Dimensional Private School are elementary introductory courses for elevating spirituality and are tailor-made by the divinities for practitioners of Feng Huang Yuan. The learning content of the enlightening teaching materials is for one to elevate one’s spiritual level by “learning to be a better person.” All course content is provided by the respective presiding deities.

The teaching content of the “Elementary Spiritual Classroom” and the Inter-Dimensional Private School is accordant with the specific situation of students in each session, and in addition to learning spiritual courses, interstellar mystical secret methods may also be taught.

3. Presiding Deity: The Great Sage Teacher Yangming

4. The purposes of Elementary Spiritual Classroom:

Purpose 1 – Elevating the spirituality of students and learning to be a better person.

Purpose 2 – Gathering fellow practitioners together and welcoming the “starseeds.”

The divine revelation of the Great Sage Teacher Yangming: “The Elementary Spiritual Classroom – an act of wisdom. Although conducting the Elementary Spiritual Classroom properly is beset with difficulties, it is necessary to answer and solve questions every day. When the mind is no longer scattered, and students are no longer lost, then it is time to open up the path to welcome the (starseeds) people.”

Purpose 3 – Cultivating Willpower.

The sayings of Grandmaster Nengzhe (one of the emanation bodies of Grandmaster Datong): “The Elementary Spiritual Classroom, seemingly appears to be practicing calligraphy, but it’s in fact cultivating willpower.”

“Enhancing the value of one’s own quality does not need to be expressed in mutual praise, but by putting in serious effort and work hard. The value of life is not gained through adulation, but by being a true practitioner. Success belongs to a true practitioner.”

The divine revelation of the Great Sage Yangming: “The Elementary Spiritual Classroom: Grandmaster Datong cultivates willpower with life (enhancing willpower), while students cultivate willpower with body and skin (Requisite: Interpersonal harmony, harmonic wealth, and cultivation of the mind and moral character).”

Purpose 4 – Calling for “good horses” and saving “Three Rescues” talents.

(Image) Ma Xiangbo: (Ma Xiangbo was the incarnation of the Divine Bole on Earth; a great educator in China modern history and the founder of Fudan University).

(The voice of Ma Xiangbo): “I am a dog, and only know how to bark. I have been barking for a hundred years, and haven’t yet awaken China.”

The voice came from far to near, and said three times in succession.

(Image): In spacetime, an old man appears faintly, and behind the old man are thousands of troops and horses.

(The voice of Ma Xiangbo): “Elementary Spiritual Classroom, admire me Ma Xiangbo.”

(A view): Peng Zu, Great Sage Teacher Yangming, and Crown Prince Zhaoming stand there looking at Ma Xiangbo. There is a long silence, and in the still of space, there is only a substance similar to the wave of electric current, which emits sparks like starlight from time to time.

(Picture): Ma Xiangbo sheds tears, as if he is telling: “My wish while on Earth was unable to be realized. After calling for a hundred years, haven’t yet find all the “precious horses” that are scattered on Earth; these “horses” with innumerable bruises, starving in famine. The sun is setting down, and they haven’t yet awaken. There is a “precious horse” in the Elementary Spiritual Classroom, and I hope that Datong can awaken him. Elementary Spiritual Classroom, admire me Ma Xiangbo. At that time, conditions did not permit me to conduct an “elementary spiritual class”, knowing that conducting an elementary spiritual class could have summoned back more precious horses. There are boundless merits in conducting the Elementary Spiritual Classroom properly.”

5. Admission Requirements for Elementary Spiritual Classroom:

(i) Feng Huang Yuan practitioners who have practiced Feng Huang Bronze Bell.

(ii) A student who is admitted must be persistence on making progress and follow the cultivation and practices of Grandmaster Datong closely.

6. Fees for Elementary Spiritual Classroom:

Elementary level (just enrolled) tuition fee: 120 yuan per year; Intermediate level tuition fee: 180 yuan per year.

7. The basic methods of “learning to be a better person” in the Elementary Spiritual Classroom’s training:

Through training students to write properly; practicing calligraphy to correct the mind, and gradually reaching the spiritual standard of “learning to be a better person.” The content of calligraphy will be given by the Great Sage Teacher Yangming based on interesting stories in ancient and modern times that are related to “learning to be a better person” and spirituality elevation.

The Great Sage Teacher Yangming has specific requirements for students on practicing calligraphy and completing homework assignments.

(i) The writing font for Elementary Spiritual Classroom: Song typeface is selected for the calligraphy homework assignments of Elementary Spiritual Classroom. Because the Song typeface is block type and straight, and to learn to be a better person, one must first learn to be morally upright. Moreover, the Song typeface is currently the typeface with the most traditional characters. Therefore, practicing calligraphy closely based on the Song typeface, and using the Song typeface as the standard style.

(ii) Writing and “cultivating and practicing”:

The divine revelation of the Great Sage Teacher Yangming:





(iii) The wonders of the homework assignments of Elementary Spiritual Classroom:

The divine revelation of the Great Sage Teacher Yangming: “The assignments of the Elementary Spiritual Classroom: If it is a calligraphy practice, one just needs to practice sincerely and diligently, and it delivers the spiritual information of the student. This is equivalent to practicing the spiritual wisdom writings of Grandmaster Datong. If it is a recitation, then it is equivalent to practicing the spiritual wisdom language of Grandmaster Datong.

8. The text titles for the teachings of Elementary Spiritual Classroom: (Since June 2020, there are 21 pieces of text)


9. Management rules of Elementary Spiritual Classroom:


10. Matters needing attention in Elementary Spiritual Classroom and statistical method for assignments:


11. Elementary Spiritual Classroom, set sail:

The sayings of Grandmaster Nengzhe: “Observe the etiquettes of Confucius and Mencius, practice the teachings of the Yellow Emperor and Laozi, knock at the gate to the divine human, and explore the path of dimensional shift.”

“Grandmaster Datong has done an extensive amount of highly productive work for the founding of Feng Huang Yuan, and has poured his heart and soul into it.”

“The painstaking efforts that Grandmaster put in for Feng Huang Yuan has touched Heaven.”

The teachings of the divine revelation of the Great Sage Teaching Yangming:

“The Elementary Spiritual Classroom: Solidarity, fraternity, forge ahead together and encourage one another.”

The Elementary Spiritual Classroom successfully established an online classroom on May 5, 2019; the online classroom is akin to home, where students as family members from local and abroad gather together to set sail and embark on an ideal path to explore the mystery of the life of the “starseeds” from a new starting point.

(i) Since the opening of the Elementary Spiritual Classroom, students have been able to gain insights and experiences:

In the first few days of school, students wrote down their learning experience one after another, and here are some excerpts:

(1) Chen Chen

I did my yesterday’s homework assignment, writing stroke by stroke for an hour, like a schoolchild. Traditional Chinese characters are really difficult to write, and the structural frame is not easy to master. After writing for three days, I felt that I have wiped out my arrogance.

(2) Ding Yongqing

In the past few days, I have been participating in the practice of the Elementary Spiritual Classroom, and have different gains every day. On the first day practicing calligraphy writing “Harmony between General and Minister”, after finished writing it with confidence, the Senior found out a lot of mistakes in my writing. I became muddled at that time, and felt like hitting a glass wall! I wrote it several times again, and problems were constantly being revealed. Thereafter, I engaged in self-reflection and gained understanding about my many problems! I used to be self-righteous, and normally it’s hard to be noticed, as the bad habit was also deeply ingrained. In the era of mobile phones, I have not been writing with a pen for a long time, thus my writing was stiff and unnatural. I used to like cursive writing with a pen for rapid handwriting and it looked beautiful. Now having to write slowly stroke by stroke, I instead don’t know how to write! Thinking it over, we’re always in a hurry in life, only rushing for results, while ignoring the process. By the way, there’s one more thing, each time I read and write, I do so with a respectful heart, and my spirituality is elevated naturally with each and every stroke. Very grateful to Grandmaster for this skillful method!

(3) Li Chan

Again, a new day has begun. Through these few days of practices, I cherish the Elementary Spiritual Classroom even more.

Checking the homework assignments myself every day, it is difficult to find any weaknesses. Only by relying on the Seniors to point out my mistakes one by one, I am convinced to correct my mistakes earnestly.

Normally, when other people point out my mistakes, I will reflect for a moment, am I really wrong? Did someone misunderstand me? Such suspicious mind is restraining me, making it difficult for me to advance.

Only in the Elementary Spiritual Classroom, I trust the Seniors to identify my mistakes, and rectify those mistakes one by one.

In Elementary Spiritual Classroom, there is no place for arrogance, and no time to be proud! Because other people’s homework assignments are done better than mine, and I also see that there are always some other people’s homework assignments that are better, as the Chinese sayings goes, for every mountain there is an even higher mountain. Persons skilled in calligraphy are appearing successively.

When studying at the Elementary Spiritual Classroom, study humbly, cautiously, and earnestly every day, then one will have the opportunity to make progress.

The Elementary Spiritual Classroom is hard to come by. It lets us learn to be a better person.

The Elementary Spiritual Classroom is hard to come by. It will let us learn to abandon our conceit. Even though I have been practicing cultivation for decades, I am no better than the new aces. The Elementary Spiritual Classroom has given me hope of making progress.

I remember Einstein once said: “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.” This conforms to the logic of the “Three Rescues” concept. Since we have accepted the gift of the Divine, we should make some contribution to the “Three Rescues.”

(ii) Seeing the “Elementary Spiritual Classroom” in a new light:

(1) At the beginning of school, students’ life at the Elementary Spiritual Classroom:

Some students usually can’t tolerate criticism and guidance from others, thus when a mistake in their handwriting is discovered for the first time, they do not quite see the point, and feel that the inspection team leader is overly critical.

Some students have developed their own handwriting habits over the past few decades, and the strokes of some Chinese characters are clearly not written to standard form, thus when being discovered, they nevertheless feel dissatisfied. They believe that they have written earnestly and checked carefully. They think that the examiner is a bit fault-finding.

Some students think that writing Song typeface is a waste of time.

Some students feel extremely uncomfortable when a specific Chinese character is discovered to be written with improper strokes. They always find excuses for themselves by saying: “Writing this way is already good enough.”

(2) Some students who do not usually write Chinese characters often think that they have no problem writing them. As a result, when they sit down and start writing, and the more they want to write properly, the worse they write, losing control of the pen in hand: Unable to have proper control of the horizontal stroke, balance, vertical stroke, or straightness; a throw away stroke and a press down stroke are not written steadily; horizontal break and clockwise curve are not written gently and smoothly. Each and every stroke is improper: inconsistent size of the Chinese characters, the top and bottom are uneven, a Chinese character that don’t look like a Chinese character, and a painting that don’t look like a painting. Being impatient, they burst into tears.

One student said that she had been crying for a day before giving her Senior a phone call seeking permission to quit, but her heart was reluctant to leave the Elementary Spiritual Classroom, and she was in a confused state of mind. The Senior persuaded her with patience and so she persisted to stay.

(3) When checking the homework assignments of others, the team leaders simply have eagle eyes and are meticulous; as a result, when they themselves are identified as “not writing earnestly” by the students, this will prompt the team leader to write earnestly.

At the Elementary Spiritual Classroom, learning to write means learning to be a better person.

(4) After practicing more than a year, the students compared their first homework assignment with the current homework assignment and feel that they have been making progress. The previous Chinese handwritten characters appeared to be light and frail, and as a person, they were more impulsive. Now the Chinese characters are handwritten correctly with stronger force and exude a sense of boldness, and as a person, their mentality is relatively stable. Mistakes in handwriting being discovered will be revised earnestly and the students are feeling grateful.

Practicing calligraphy and becoming a better person are both evolving together.

(5) Students have learned not only the practice of handwriting but also during the special period of the coronavirus disease prevention and control, Grandmaster Datong was instructed by the Divine to impart to the students, several sets of the “Coronavirus Disease Prevention and Mitigation” cosmic techniques.

(6) The Elementary Spiritual Classroom was not being taken seriously at the beginning, but one year later, everyone fell in love with the Elementary Spiritual Classroom. Thanks to the painstaking efforts and teachings of the Great Sage Teacher Yangming. Nowadays, the Elementary Spiritual Classroom is becoming more and more flourishing. Hundreds of students have worked together to build a “spiritual home” of Feng Huang Yuan under the guidance of the Divine.

Although the Great Sage Teacher Yangming has only stayed on Earth for a short period of 57 years, but with his extraordinary performance, he has composed a dazzling song of the sage for this world.

The Great Sage Teacher Yangming is a role model for all of us students. We should have the determination like the young Wang Yangming, to follow the path of sages. This path starts with the Elementary Spiritual Classroom of Feng Huang Yuan.