Date Published: 2021-5-1



When you come back in your next cycle of rebirth,

Great master has already reached Nirvana.

Great predestined relationship has vanished and gone.

You search everywhere within the three thousandfold world,

No one to enlighten you, transform you, guide you, deliver you from suffering, love you, protect you, dote on you, and send you off again.

The person you love has disintegrated to emotionless grasses and trees.

The person who loves you has long attained ascension.

The vast expanse of the world,

Only a hundred years of loneliness is left;

Knowing the lament of a thousand years later,

Why not strive to practice and cultivate yourself right now.

Not delivering yourself from suffering in this life,

Which cycle of life are you waiting for to deliver yourself from suffering?

– Master Hongyi


Understand the deep affection between master and students, and cherish the moment!

– Grandmaster Nengzhe (Grandmaster Datong’s Emanation Body)