A Short Discourse by Grandmaster Datong

Date Published: January 2, 2023 A short discourse by Grandmaster Datong: One should pay special attention to the story of “The True and False Monkey King” in Chapters 56, 57 and 58 of  the “Journey to the West”.  Why did the Six-Eared Macaque appear? This question is vitally important for a true spiritual practitioner. “Journey…

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A Saying of Grandmaster Nengzhe

Date published: 2023-1-1 The saying of Grandmaster Nengzhe *: Feng Huang Yuan practitioners should study and learn from this four-phrase mantra: The world’s most powerful prophecy is called cause and effect. The world’s most miraculous disaster elimination is called repentance. The world’s most effective wealth attraction is called the practice of giving. The world’s most…

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Date Published: 2021-5-1     When you come back in your next cycle of rebirth, Great master has already reached Nirvana. Great predestined relationship has vanished and gone. You search everywhere within the three thousandfold world, No one to enlighten you, transform you, guide you, deliver you from suffering, love you, protect you, dote on…

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