Who am I?



Who am I?
I came from the interstellar faraway,
Harboring aspirations, carrying on a mission,
Briefly, hastily.
Repeated cycle of reincarnation,
Ah, endless cycle of reincarnation!
Aspirations were gone, mission was forgotten.
On that day, in a dream,
I saw the Goddess weaving the Heaven,
People on Earth were scampering for safety,
Disaster was striking,
Someone help me! Somebody save me!
Screaming and shouting on all sides,
I was awaken from dream panicked,
It was terrifying but seemed so real!
Was I able to save humanity?
Everyone was crying to me to save them!
Gradually, progressively,
My heart was calling out, longing for, seeking to……
Who am I? I am who!


Child, let me tell you this: “Who am I?”
You came from the Indigo Light,
The moment you took your first breath when you were born on Earth,
As resembling a tender tiny flower bud before blooming,
But gradually, you’ll forget your true purpose on Earth,
Is it to enjoy life, indulging in food, wine and pleasures on this planet?
Absolutely not!
This mysterious planet will make you ponder,
Undergoing countless cycles within the infernal realm,
Happiness, suffering, fear, hesitation……,
Similar to barriers you’re unable to cross and difficult to break through,
Feeling suffocated being buried alive,
Hence, be transformed—–Get to know Feng Huang Yuan!


In this very life,
You’ll feel you have ever had a pair of wings,
But, alas, it always seems impossible to fly.
So very tired, so exhausted……
Life is so trivial,
And in fact, so fragile.


Perhaps its the compassion of mother nature,
Nourishing and nurturing little lives from the Indigo Light with her nectar,
Unleash your pair of constrained wings,
Learn how to fly.
Even in the face of adversities,
Trudging through the vast wilderness,
Enduring thorns in the flesh,
Keep persevering no matter what,
Do your utmost in preparation for the ultimate transcendence of time and space,
Grandmaster Datong will take you along to walk gracefully for once,
Eventually reuniting with the Indigo Light.


Children from the Indigo Light replied:
We no longer waste a precious minute,
Remembering to return home only when the curtain is finally falling on our life,
It’ll be too late!
We’ve to learn to let go and be forgiving, spread our wings of love and compassion to return home,
We’ll take a step back in time and recover lost memories,
Turn back,
Return to the homeland of the Universe, our place of origin.


Look……! Listen……!
The Feng Huang is soaring and dancing gloriously,
The Feng Huang is singing melodiously,
At that very moment, I realized,
The Feng Huang is calling out, showing the way,
One, two and three, four and five of them……
The Feng Huangs are ascending to the sky and singing in unison,
It is a blessing bestowed from Heaven! It is natural nurturing from every corner of the land!
Let Feng Huang take me to see through the fog;
Let Feng Huang take me to soar into the sky;
Let Feng Huang take me to salvage more lives;
Let Feng Huang take me back to the interstellar homeland that I dreamed about!


(China) Ting Yu