The Knowledge of “Yin-Yang” Environmental Protection

( 2015-2-13 )

Note: The following is an excerpt from the speech titled “How can we save the Earth?” which was delivered by Grandmaster Datong at the 11th annual Earthdance International Music Festival, a large-scale event, held in United States in 2007. The point of view of Feng Huang Yuan on Yin environmental protection is absolutely not unfounded or baseless. However, these perceptions are not easily accepted at present. Nevertheless, keep them on file for the time being, as only time will tell.

The Universe has Yin and Yang, the Earth has Yin and Yang, the whole creation has Yin and Yang, human also has Yin and Yang. The sun is Yang, the moon is Yin; day is Yang, night is Yin; fire is Yang, water is Yin; male is Yang, female is Yin; body is Yang, soul is Yin; above is Yang, below is Yin; external is Yang, internal is Yin……Within the Universe, nothing is without Yin and Yang.

Does “environmental protection” have Yin and Yang? It has!

The subject covered by the so-called “Yang environmental protection” is vast and varied, ranging from the bigger outer space, down to the smaller details, such as kitchen, bathroom and human body.

Environmental Protection in Outer Space: Humans have launched more than 4,000 rockets into orbit, littering space now at an alarming level; there are more than 9,000 pieces of space debris larger than 10 cm in diameter, hundreds of thousands of pieces smaller than 1.2 cm in diameter, and millions of pieces of paint flakes and particles from solid propellant exhausts. These pieces of flotsam in space resemble cars being driven recklessly on highway causing collisions, therefore posing extreme lethality to humans and astronauts alike. But to date, humans are still incapable of cleaning up these space junk, yet continue sending trash into space.

Environmental Protection on Earth: How to emphasize on the importance of the greenhouse effect, energy conservation and emission reduction, solving global warming, and solving air quality problems; how to reduce noise ; how to protect the oceans, lakes, and rivers; how to protect water sources and improve water quality; how to protect species, animals, and forests; how to handle plastic waste, nuclear waste, and so on; how to protect the environment, including enterprise environment, and home and office environment; so on and so fort.

In addition, there is the environmental protection of human body.

These environmental protection concepts merely remain at the “Yang” level.

However, the cause of the Earth and humanity plunging into disasters is beyond the above-mentioned “Yang” factors as there is also a massive number of “Yin” factors that people have never ever thought of and also reluctant to think about. This is determined by a world driven by positivistic science.

In fact, “Yin environmental protection” is more important than “Yang environmental protection”, or at least equally important. Therefore, we need to expand the concept of “environmental protection”……

“Yin environmental protection” can also be regarded as “energy environmental protection.” It is different from Yang environmental protection, which only places importance on environmental protection of positivistic matter—particles, in that Yin environmental protection is the environmental protection of energy waves. What subjects does it encompass?

The first is reducing the negative thoughts of human beings. A thought is a type of “wave”, the manifestation of mind energy wave.

Our thoughts, our strong desires, selfishness, hatred, fear, sorrow, anger, jealousy……these bad thoughts and emotions stem from our hearts and minds.

Without anger and hatred, will there be any terrorist activities or war?

Without desire for food, lust, wealth, possessions, fame and fortune, will human beings experience so much pain and sufferings? Will the Earth be dismembered until the present condition?

Both the body and soul of a human being have “desires.” The desire of a soul traverses through the heart, flows upward toward the brain, and becomes a thought. Thoughts that are harmful to life and the Earth are all negative thoughts and negative energies. If there must be a certain “scientific” phrase for this, thoughts and energy will all be known as “Yin matter”, which exists in the form of “wave.” Negative thoughts are all “Yin garbage” and as Yin garbage, it will also produce Yang garbage. The Earth is already filled with Yang garbage and isn’t this caused by our negative thoughts? Our desires and negative thoughts are not the only source of Yin garbage, but also the source of Yang garbage.

And thus, it is comprehensible that our insatiable desires, negative thoughts, and negative emotions are the main culprits in causing the Earth to plunge into catastrophe. Therefore, we might as well ask ourselves, can we reduce the emission of carbon dioxide if we don’t reduce our desires and negative thoughts? Can we reduce natural and man-made disasters? Emphasizing on Yang environmental protection while neglecting Yin environmental protection will only fix the symptoms and not the root cause of environmental problems. The first priority of Yin environmental protection is restraining desires and reducing negative thoughts. Reducing negative thoughts can also be referred to as “spiritual environmental protection.”

The second is “clearing the negative field”; in other words, to clear the energy field of the Earth by reducing negative energies that permeate the Earth’s surface, underground, water, low altitude zone, and the entire atmosphere.
In general, field clearing consists of four subject matters. The task of handling these matters is arduous and needs to be dealt with using the cosmic technique approach.

1. Releasing blockages of flow in pressure points and the meridian system of the Earth.

Human has a meridian system. Does the Earth have a meridian system? The Earth is also a living entity. Every living entity has a meridian system and pressure points. All planets and even the entire Universe are lifeforms, so they all have meridians and pressure points. Why do people get sick? When negative energy is blocking the meridians and pressure points, “Qi” is unable to flow freely, therefore illness and pain occur. Why did mega earthquakes hit Tangshan and California during the last century? The negative energies created by humans caused the blockages at the pressure points of Tangshan and California. There is an aphorism, where there is no flow, there is pain. Hence, when the Earth’s meridian system is being blocked also leads to pain. Prolonged “pain” will cause tumor growth and cancer. Therefore, the proper flow of energy in the meridian system of the Earth needs to be restored by releasing the negative energies. Earthquake is the way the Earth releases stagnant “Qi” from the underground; the Indian Ocean tsunami that killed nearly 300,000 people was due to the release of stagnant “Qi” from the ocean floor, the ocean surface and coastlines; frequent widespread floods that hit China are due to the release of stagnant “Qi” onto the Earth’s surface; each year, hurricanes that strike the United States and typhoons that hit China are due the release of stagnant “Qi” into the low altitude zones; one year, the massive wildfire that occurred in Greece burning more than half of the land area in the country was due to the release of stagnant “Qi” in the forest, thus causing the disaster. The “Qi” that causes different types of disasters is a form of negative energy.

If this form of “Qi” is not resolved, then the Earth can’t be saved. These disasters are “natural disasters” and are surgical operations performed by Heaven on the planet Earth.

Method of releasing blockages of the Earth’s meridians: Every country, every group, and every family, whether regularly or irregularly, should collectively chant the “Celestial Love Mantra” for the place where they are right now.

2. “Cleansing the soul”: Settling and finding place of repose for a massive number of negative-energy entities that are lingering around or wandering aimlessly within the third-dimensional realm.

3. Cleansing the Yin cosmic dust. Cosmic dust can be distinguished into Yang cosmic dust and Yin cosmic dust. If Yin cosmic dust is not resolved, we will be living in a perilous environment.

4. Helping injured or sick living entities in the fourth-dimensional realm.

In summary, if we, as human beings, ignore the serious crisis that is threatening the Earth and refuse to join forces to protect the environment of the Earth, then this implies destruction and ruin. By emphasizing on Yang “environmental protection” while overlooking Yin environmental protection implies that “saving the Earth” efforts will end in vain.

Yin environmental protection is an extremely difficult “environmental protection” task. Those people who are entrusted with special mission on the Earth and every citizen of the Earth, upon gaining related knowledge and achieving understanding of “Yin environmental protection”, and knowing what ought to be done and what can be done, should try to find one’s niche according to one’s qualification and ability. The most important thing is to reflect on one’s own thoughts, words and actions everyday; to practice kindness in daily life; to find a path of spiritual practice that appeals to you and suits you, to advance in spiritual level, to learn cosmic techniques, and to accomplish the “Three Rescues” mission.

The point of view of Feng Huang Yuan on Yin environmental protection is absolutely not unfounded or baseless. However, these perceptions are not easily accepted at present. Nevertheless, keep them on file for the time being, as only time will tell. In 2003, we put forward the “Three Rescues” concept of “Saving Earth, saving all beings, saving oneself” in Germany. Back then not many understood. Now, “Save the Earth” has become a global awareness. The “Three Rescues” concept is also being increasingly recognized and accepted by certain organizations.