The Knowledge of “Yin-Yang” Environmental Protection

( 2015-2-13 ) 【Note: The following is an excerpt from the speech titled “How can we save the Earth?” which was delivered by Grandmaster Datong at the 11th annual Earthdance International Music Festival, a large-scale event, held in United States in 2007. The point of view of Feng Huang Yuan on Yin environmental protection is…

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Who am I?

(2014-8-3)   Who am I? I came from the interstellar faraway, Harboring aspirations, carrying on a mission, Briefly, hastily. Repeated cycle of reincarnation, Ah, endless cycle of reincarnation! Aspirations were gone, mission was forgotten. On that day, in a dream, I saw the Goddess weaving the Heaven, People on Earth were scampering for safety, Disaster…

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