The Green Snake Head Keychain — A karmic law that is difficult for ordinary people to understand


One morning in late June 2017, Senior Sister Lisa and I, in a group of four, went up the Northern Peak. The weather was sweltering in Hangzhou. When we came down from the mountain, we were drenched in sweat.

The strange thing was, my hepatobiliary region started to ache in the afternoon, and a copper coin-sized red papule appeared on the curvature area of my stomach. This papule became hardened at the base, and sometimes it was painful, but sometimes itchy. The next day, the pain from my hepatobiliary region and the painful itching of my papule intensified. Since I have had liver disease and this papule came out of nowhere, I sought the advice from Senior Sister Lisa.

I narrated my story to Senior Sister Lisa and she told me, “It was very good that we went up Northern Peak this time. It has induced the underlying root cause of disease in your body. You are lucky to have discovered it early, else it will be difficult to tackle.” Thereafter, Senior Sister conducted a healing therapy on me to eliminate the disease and restore healthy balance in my body. During the session, she asked me if I had ever bashed snakes. She also asked me if I was carrying any ring-shaped, green triangular object at home.

I confessed to Senior Sister that I did kill many snakes when I was young, but I did not seem to be carrying a ring with triangle-shaped object. At that moment, Senior Sister felt very strange! She ascertained that there was a green triangular entity, she caught hold of it but it sneaked back, simply could not get rid of it. Senior Sister dispelled the pathogenic Qi in my body and also cleaned off the Yin garbage from my body. Within about two weeks, the pain in my hepatobiliary region gradually lessened, the base of the bump became softer, and the papule originally as big as a copper coin gradually reduced in size.

On July 20, Senior Sister and I set out from the Feng Dan Pavilion to run some errands. As I was locking the door, Senior Sister alertly asked me what was dangling from my keyring. I told her that it was only a souvenir keychain from a friend who visited Thailand more than ten years ago. The key fob was a triangular snake head, white unicorn with very long snout and a pair of red spooky eyes (Thinking back now, it was so creepy to have that pair of eyes staring at me!).

After getting into the car, Senior Sister said, “Hurry up and find a place to throw it away. No wonder I failed to catch hold of the green entity all this while, so you are carrying it around all day!” I became panic-stricken after listening to Senior Sister’s words! Halfway through the journey, we stopped at the roadside, found a place, dug a small hole, and buried the snake head keychain.

Back at the Feng Dan Pavilion, Senior Sister asked me when I started using the keychain and when my liver disease began. Coming to think of it, that was more than ten years ago! Senior Sister said that my liver disease was a karmic disease but the root cause was found and eliminated on this occasion, therefore I should perform more good deeds for Feng Huang Yuan from now on to protect the liver health of the members of this family group.

This was really a karmic law that is difficult for ordinary people to understand. I felt so ignorant of myself! At the same time, I felt the mystery of the unseen world deeply! I also felt the profound mystery of Feng Huang Yuan Spiritual Levels and Cosmic Mystical Secret Methods deeply! The first step towards spirituality in the Nine-Part Progression is to understand “karma”, the universal law of cause and effect. But when faced with adversity, only then did I realize that my knowledge of karma and experience was next to nothing!

I am fortunate to become part of the big family of Feng Huang Yuan, to learn about karma, etiquette, righteousness, and proper conduct of oneself. I am very grateful to Grandmaster Datong who has the ability to work a miracle, in helping me resolved this negative karmic effect!

Beginning today, I will always repent to those I have hurt, and seek forgiveness for my past ignorance and mistakes. I need to always reflect on my own mistakes; do my utmost to contribute more to Feng Huang Yuan; and constantly advance my spiritual level.

Epilogue: Senior Sister Lisa attached great importance to this matter, and immediately reported the snake head keychain burying incident to Grandmaster Datong. Grandmaster Datong promptly instructed us: “When burying it, one must first apologize and seek for forgiveness, and also repent of all sins to the Divine…” The next day, we followed the instructions of Grandmaster Datong, and only then we were able to clear the negative residue left behind by the snake head keychain. I am so grateful!

(China) Xu Ning