An introduction to Feng Huang Yuan Feng Shui studies

Date Published: 2017-3-4

It was a golden autumn in October with cirrus clouds stretched across the sky. On a beautiful sunny day with gentle breeze, as all the students trod lightly into the feng shui ritual hall, everyone present without exception was pleasantly surprised that Grandmaster Datong was there personally to preside over the feng shui ritual. It was our great fortune to be able to see Grandmaster Datong and we were at a loss for words. The soothing and delightful smile of Grandmaster Datong made us felt so warm, amicable and blessed, and the whole venue was immensely full of positive energy infused with compassion.

The main content of the discourse given by Grandmaster Datong during the ritual was: Yin feng shui and Yang feng shui, where Yin feng shui mainly originates from interstellar feng shui, while Yang feng shui mainly entails planning and orientation of buildings, as well as the placement and arrangement of objects. The uniqueness of Feng Huang Yuan Feng Shui studies: First, one learns to conduct oneself, smile gently and be a civilized and upright person as this is the visible feng shui  placement reflected outward from human body. Of course, a person with a pure heart will naturally radiate good feng shui.

Yin feng shui adjustment is a completely new subject for most people. However, after Grandmaster Datong explained the profound doctrine in layman terms, the students were able to absorb and understand the information effectively. He said: The Universe bestowed this technique upon Feng Huang Yuan. Tracing back to the source, interstellar feng shui studies originates from Fotamu planet of the Solar System while Fuxi, the first emperor of China, is the originator of Chinese feng shui. Guo Pu of the Eastern Jin Dynasty is regarded as the founding father of feng shui. The good feng shui of Wenzhou city is inseparable from Guo Pu – due to the guidance of Guo Gong (the honorable title of Guo Pu). When Guo Gong first started building the city of Wenzhou, he selected a site on the northern bank of Ou River but soon abandoned it as the soil was too soft and he named the place “Xincheng”, literally means “New City”. Thereafter, he crossed the river and ascended a mountain to look around and discovered this unique geographical features. He saw a range of mountains similar in shape to the Northern Dipper and believed that this natural formation of the mountains resembling the constellation of the Northern Dipper, reflected the integration of geography and astronomy. Guo Pu said: “If the city is located outside of the mountain range, it will enjoy sudden prosperity, but war, fire and water-related disasters will be inevitable. If the city is located within the mountain range, it will be resistant against enemy invaders, and peace and harmony will be preserved for long.” Based on this geomancy theory that it will prevent the enemy invaders from entering the “Northern Dipper”, the ancient city of Wenzhou was built among the mountains. In order to achieve harmony between heaven and earth, he further dug twenty-eight wells corresponding to the twenty-eight stars above. After the selection of sites and the foundations were laid, he predicted: “Good fate will flourish for a thousand years.”  Sure enough, Wenzhou city has never suffered from the flames of war for more than a thousand years.  It has become a feng shui treasure with beautiful scenery, birthplace of outstanding people and a spiritual ground. During that time,  a propitious event occurred that a white deer was seen in the city with a flower in its mouth. Wenzhou is therefore also called the White Deer City. Today, there is a small mountain in Wenzhou named Guo Gong Mountain in honor of Guo Gong’s achievements in building the city.

Grandmaster Datong integrated ancient wisdom into present and expounded the importance of feng shui to the Earth, nations, and humanity. He said that the local environmental characteristics of each place will engender a unique quality to its residents and that illness is due to disorderly feng shui of the human body. If you want to be healthy, your body energy field, feng shui field, and the cosmic energy field must reach harmonious resonance.

Grandmaster Datong taught us how to cultivate Feng Huang Yuan Interstellar Feng Shui techniques. The main techniques are: “Bi-Harmony Governance”, “Celestial Love Mantra”, and “Celestial Pearl Calming Earth”. He explained each important points, principles and practice methods in detail. Grandmaster Datong’s profound knowledge and precise understanding of the deep feng shui philosophy was unheard of by the students. We were so eager to learn the Feng Huang Yuan Interstellar Feng Shui studies.

The day seemed to have passed quickly. We reluctantly bade farewell to Grandmaster Datong and embarked on our journey home. Many students didn’t expect to receive good news the minute they reached home. It turned out that when Grandmaster Datong was presiding over the feng shui ritual,  he was actually adjusting and enhancing both our home feng shui and our body feng shui.

Previously, whenever Sister Rong returned home after attending class, her husband and son would always rebuke her. When she returned home this time, she was on tenterhooks thinking that her family members would criticize her. However, she did not expect that not only her husband and son did not question her, but they were showing very good manners towards her. This made Sister Rong feels that her participation in Grandmaster Datong’s feng shui ritual has made her family a more harmonious and caring one.

The moment Sister Le entered her house, her husband immediately shared a good news with her: He saw a sudden spike in the business of the company as previously lost customers have been coming back. Sister Le realized that for anyone to increase wealth in the proper way and without losing integrity, there must be support from benefactors and the help from the divine in order to have a prosperous family or business.

When Sister Xue just arrived home, good news came from her older son-in-law as he was extremely happy to be given a more relaxing position within his department. The sales in her older daughter’s store suddenly improved. And for the very first time, her younger son-in-law cheerfully visited his in-laws, and brought a gift. After attending this feng shui ritual, not only her own family lives in harmony making everything successful, but the families of her two daughters also benefited.

Many more students follow suit, sending feedback expressing gratitude to Grandmaster Datong for applying feng shui adjustments to their families. The fact that Grandmaster Datong presided over the feng shui ritual was a divine stroke and many students enjoyed great benefits, akin to the moistening rain in a spring breeze.

The experience we gained on this occasion of Feng Huang Yuan Interstellar Feng Shui studies has enlightened us spiritually. As long as we study well, apply the Bi-Harmony Governance and other feng shui techniques to our everyday life and in our work; be sincere and humble in learning to conduct ourselves; and cultivate blessings and virtues, we will be living on blessed grounds and meeting virtuous people, as the Chinese saying goes, “Virtuous people live on blessed grounds, and blessed grounds gather virtuous people.”

(China) Lu Zhou