Master Datong’s Feng Shui Lecture Series – Episode One (Xia’s Residence – Text Version)

“Master Datong’s Feng Shui Lecture Series” is a Lunar New Year program exclusively produced by California’s Crossings TV. Master Datong has been specially invited to the program to introduce basic knowledge of Feng Shui to everyone and help everyone improve their luck.

Mr. Xia just graduated from university this year. He wants to find a job in the financial industry as soon as possible. He also hopes to have a girlfriend in the new year. The program team will conduct a thorough Feng Shui diagnosis of Mr. Xia’s house to help him reap the benefits for both his career and love life in the new year.

Host: Good Feng Shui for the New Year everyone, welcome to Crossings TV program “New Year Feng Shui Lecture Series”. I am the host Yue Heng. The theme of our program today is about finding a job and attracting love. Now let’s invite our presenter, Master Datong from Feng Huang Yuan, please!

Host: Hello Master!

Master Datong: Hello Host!

Host: Thank you for joining us!

Master Datong: Happy New Year to all our viewers!

Host: Happy New Year, Happy New Year! Master, we are going to visit Mr. Xia’s family today. He is the man of the house and just graduated from university. He wants to get a job in the financial industry as soon as possible, and thereafter he wants to find a sweet girlfriend soon too. So on the one hand, it’s about finding a job, and on the other, it’s about attracting love. Now, let’s invite Master to help them change the Feng Shui of this home so that Mr. Xia can reap the benefits for both his career and love life in the new year.

Master Datong: Okay, will do.

Host: Now let’s invite Mr. Xia, please. Welcome Mr. Xia.

Mr. Xia: Hello! Hello Master!

Master Datong: Hello Mr. Xia!

Host: Mr. Xia, how long have you been living in this house?

Mr. Xia: I’ve been living in this house for eight or nine years.

Host: It’s been eight or nine years. Master, let’s check the outside of the house first. The left side of the house is about one-third higher than the right side. Is this structure of the house beneficial to Mr. Xia?

Master Datong: The dragon side is lower than the tiger side, of course, it is not very good. However, there is no big issue with the house. We can just resolve that later.

Host: The structure of the house is not very ideal. There is a tree over there, just opposite their front door and its shape appears very leafy and looks like a piece of artwork. What do you think about that tree?

Master Datong: This has an adverse effect on the house.

Host: It is a door adverse.

Master Datong: It is a tree adverse to the house.

Host: It is a tree adverse, not a door adverse.

Master Datong: It will affect the character of the owner of the house, and at the same time it will block the flow of fortune.

Host: So, that means financial income has not been high, right?

Master Datong: Well, it will have an impact.

Host: Master, please teach us how to resolve it?

Master Datong: There are two things we can do. One is to put a Feng Huang Yuan Qilin Feng Shui sticker on the door. This Qilin Feng Shui sticker can block negative energy, protect the house and bring in fortune. This is the first thing. The second thing is to find a way to tie a red rope or cloth strip to the tree.

Mr. Xia: Any kind of red cloth strip will work, right?

Master Datong: Yes, as long as it is clean.

Host: After we have looked into the two problems outside the house, Master, shall we check inside of the house?

Master Datong: Alright.

Mr. Xia: Master, please.

Host: Master, let’s go inside and check the Feng Shui in the house.

Mr. Xia: Come on in.

Host: Master, now that we have come in through the front door, can you please tell us the importance of the front door?

Master Datong: The importance of the front door is just like when we regard the house itself as one living being. Our ancestors said that the human body is a small universe. So whether it is the Earth or the Universe, it is one living being, and this house is also one living being. If you treat the house as a human being, the front door is like the mouth, the oral cavity. It is a place where we can replenish our energy. Without the mouth, what can we do? So the front door is the mouth, and we need to pay attention to the front door.

Host: Then, what other parts of the house do you see represent the organs of the human body?

Master Datong: The kitchen and dining room are like a person’s spleen and stomach systems, the bathroom is like the excretion system of a human, the house beam is the backbone of a human, the rooms on both sides of the beam are the kidneys of a human, and the windows are like the eyes of a human.

Host: Then, which part of the human body is this place we are standing right now?

Master Datong: This is the space from the front door to the living room, which is called the entryway, it is also the inner door hall, which is like the throat of a human, that is, the throat of the house.

Host: For Mr. Xia, what is the importance of this part? Which aspect of his luck will be affected?

Master Datong: The throat, in Feng Shui theory, is closely related to wealth. Of course, it is also related to wealth, family and marriage. Especially to those seeking wealth and love relationship, they should pay attention to the Feng Shui of this place, the entryway.

Host: Mr. Xia, you need pay extra attention. We’ll ask Master to explain the good and bad aspects of the Feng Shui here.

Master Datong: I’ve already assessed at this area. Of course, the shoe cabinet is placed here, but the shoe cabinet has odor from shoes, so do not let the bad smell comes in. A closed shoe cabinet would be better.

Host: Except for the shoe cabinet, the other side is clean. Is this correct?

Master Datong: It is better to hang a picture on this side. Since Mr. Xia wants to have a job and a girlfriend, it is better to hang a prosperity painting, such as the Peony.

Host: Mr. Xia, are you the only child in your family?

Mr. Xia: No, I have a younger sister.

Master Datong: If you have a younger sister, this flower must be more than one. If it is only a single flower, it may not be good to your sister’s marriage or some situations. Therefore, there should be two flowers, take good care of your younger sister too.

Host: Yes, elder brother should take good care of younger sister. I have another question, if his sister already has a boyfriend, would this affect her?

Master Datong: Even if his younger sister has a boyfriend, more than one flower is still be better.

Host: Now that the diagnostic of entryway is done, let’s look at the family room. Shall we?

Master Datong: Alright.

Host: There are computer and desk in the family room. Mr. Xia, is this the place where you usually read and write?

Mr. Xia: Yes, this is my office.

Host: This is his office. Master, what do you think if this is both the office and family room?

Master Datong: I don’t think it is very good that this small family room is also used as an office. It is best if there is an extra room to be used as study room and office. Here, we can see that you do not have an extra room and if you have to have an office here, and there is no alternative, we have to adjust it a little.

Mr. Xia: How can I adjust it, Master?

Master Datong: As you see, this chair has no support behind.

Host: But this will allow more room, otherwise it may trip someone.

Master Datong: From the Feng Shui perspective, whether or not you’re a boss, it is important to have backing behind. Because you don’t have a backing, it is hard for you to find a job and a girlfriend, meaning no support of noble people.

Host: Oh, now I understand.

Master Datong: That’s why you need to turn the desk to face the window and move the chair here, towards the back.

Host: Oh, like this.

Master Datong: Towards the back.

Host: Towards the back is the sofa. Can the sofa serve as a back support?

Master Datong: I suggest removing the sofa. There is a shoe cabinet here. It is not a good place to put it here.

Mr. Xia: Not good?

Master Datong: I recommend removing the shoe cabinet since it is not good for the office or study room. After removing the sofa, behind will be the stairs going down, and you also see the wall below but it’s not enough. It is better to put a screen here, preferably Chinese-style screen with painting or something like that.

Host: Painting? What kind of painting will be better?

Master Datong: Be particular about the painting. Because you need support, it is best to have mountains in the painting.

Host: Oh, there should be mountains in the painting.

Master Datong: Also be particular about the mountains. You don’t want the kind of steep mountains. Green mountains under the blue sky are better.

Host: Elegant and beautiful peaks, green mountains.

Master Datong: Green mountains are not dangerous and are reliable support, which is good.

Host: If the mountain path is too rugged, that means love relationship will be difficult, right?

Master Datong: Too steep means dangerous, not a good thing.

Host: Okay, so put a screen on this side. Master, I usually see Japanese-style screens on the market, made of thin paper and bamboo frames. Is this kind of screen okay? I can paste some landscape paintings on it.

Master Datong: I think there is need to reflect the attributes inherent in mountains. The background is empty and the paper is too thin. It is better to choose the type of screen with Chinese painting on it, that is, a thicker screen would be better.

Host: Okay, we should pay attention when selecting a screen, we shouldn’t select one made from paper just to get it on the cheap.

Host: Okay, now we need to find out where the wealth area is located? The dining room is beautifully decorated.

Master Datong: The dining room is the wealth area of Mr. Xia’s house.

Host: Oh, this is the wealth area. So, remember, this is the wealth area.

Mr. Xia: Oh, so this is the wealth area!

Host: Master, is there any other wealth area in this house besides this one?

Master Datong: The left-hand side of the front door is the dragon side, and the right-hand side is the tiger side. The tiger side is a wealth area. There can be more than one wealth area, and the wealth corners of this house can also be in the south and northwest.

Host: Dear TV viewers, if you want to know the simplest way to find the wealth area, it is, the wealth area of your house is on the right-hand side after you enter the door. Master, the wealth area is a very important part; please take a look at the decoration. I see the Spring Festival couplets here, as well as the Spring Festival decoration. It’s very festive, is it good?

Master Datong: This family decorated their wealth area very well.

Host: He is boosting his wealth by doing so.

Master Datong: As soon as we enter the door, we can see festive red color. There are four paintings, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Host: Mr. Xia, where did you get these four paintings?

Mr. Xia: These are gifts from someone else.

Master Datong: What kind of flowers do you see in the spring painting?

Host: Orchid.

Master Datong: How about summer?

Host: Summer is bamboo.

Master Datong: How about autumn?

Host: Autumn is chrysanthemum.

Master Datong: How about Winter?

Host: Winter is plum blossom.

Master Datong: And there are fishes in every painting, meaning there is abundance every season and every year.

Host: Therefore putting fishes and these flowers from the four seasons together, these kind of paintings are very good for prosperity, right?

Master Datong: Yes, that’s right.

Host: Dear viewers, in Spring Festival, you can put Spring Festival decorations in your wealth area, such as the Spring Festival couplets and gold color decorations. Master, in addition to these two colors, what other colors can be used?

Master Datong: Purple is fine too. The purple fortune comes from the east.

Host: So, other purple color decorations like purple flowers can also be placed here. Mr. Xia, after the Spring Festival, you can put purple decorative things here at other times. Master, now that we have finished checking the wealth area, shall we take a look upstairs? I see that there are pomegranates on the wall going upstairs. I know that in ancient times, concubines in the imperial harem liked to grow pomegranates in the yard, which has the meaning of more children and more fortune. Master, can these pomegranates here help Mr. Xia find a girlfriend?

Master Datong: The pomegranate is supposed to be a very auspicious Feng Shui item, but in order to find a girlfriend, it is not suitable to put it here. Because people walk up and down the stairs all the time and the energy field is unstable. The good energy from the pomegranate might be taken away.

Host:What are the consequences?

Master Datong: One is that the energy from the pomegranate might decreased. The other is even if he finds his other half, the marriage might not be stable, or the relationship might not be stable.

Host: Mr. Xia, is this the case with your previous relationship?

Mr. Xia: Yes, kind of.

Host: Master, where should we put it?

Master Datong: It is better to put it in the bedroom where the energy field is more stable.

Host: Okay, we’ll put it into the bedroom later. Now let’s go check the bedroom. Master, look at the room. For a man, it is actually pretty neat and beautiful.

Mr. Xia: I also think its beautiful.

Master Datong: It is clean and bright. The problem is that there are windows above the head of the bed and on the right side of the bed. From the Feng Shui perspective, the position of the bed is not ideal.

Host: But if there is natural light here, it is sometimes convenient to sit here and read books.

Master Datong: But on the other hand, it is not good for sleep.

Host: Then we need to close all windows?

Master Datong: Just close the window above the head of the bed, the other window doesn’t matter to the bed. The window on the right side can be opened during the day and closed at night. Curtains should be thick and in warm colors such as beige is fine.

Host: What about the color of his bed?

Master Datong: The color of the bed for boys should be warm, beige is better. Floral bedding is better for girls. If a girl is looking for a boyfriend, use more vibrant color floral bedding. Boys should use beige bedding.

Host: In order to find a girlfriend as soon as possible, change the bedding to beige color.

Master Datong: What book is this?

Host: Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Master Datong: Sun Tzu’s Art of War is a good book, but it is not recommended to put the Art of War book in the bedroom. This is a book about war, you can find another place for it. Also don’t put weapons or swords in the bedroom.

Host: What can be put on his bedside table and bookshelf to enhance his peach blossom luck?

Master Datong: The pomegranate just now will be fine. You can also put bright-colored flowers on the bedside table.

Host: Place both the pomegranate and flowers at the same time? Or just put one of them would be fine?

Master Datong: One would be good.

Host: There is a mattress here, what is this mattress usually used for?

Mr. Xia: This mattress will be convenient when friends sleep over at my house occasionally.

Host: Master, do you think the mattress here has any negative influence on Feng Shui?

Master Datong: The room should look comfortable so that you can sleep soundly. Energy under that window will not be stable, there might be uneasy feeling, and also easy to catch a cold. This mattress you put here, when we come in, we see it as an unnecessary thing to have here. I suggest moving it somewhere else. It’s better and neat.

Host: Okay, it gives us more space for positive energy. Master, we are done with this bedroom. Let’s take a break now and then give some suggestions to Mr. Xia. Is that okay?

Okay, our program today is drawing to a close soon. Before the end of the program, I’d like to know how you are feeling now Mr. Xia?

Mr. Xia: I feel great, thank you Master for coming today and bringing me good fortune.

Master Datong: Blessings to Mr. Xia in finding a job and a girlfriend. But it’s the year of the Monkey, so don’t be impatient, haste brings no success. You will be successful as long as you follow the natural law.

Mr. Xia: Okay, thank you Master.

Host: Yes, yes, thank you Master for bringing good fortune to Mr. Xia, and also thank you Master. It is an honor to have you accepted our invitation to join this program. I know that Master will be giving Mr. Xia a wonder-working gift to enhance his luck in the new year.

Master Datong: I will write a piece of Feng Shui energy-infused writing with Feng Huang Yuan celestial language to help Mr. Xia find a job and facilitate his career development. This is the celestial language Feng Shui characters to help Mr. Xia attain job search success and career success. This is his name, gender and age, while below is the defined information. Success in job search, success in career, this is Feng Shui energy-infused writing.

Host: Come and receive it.

Mr. Xia: Thank you Master.

Host: Thank you Master, for joining our program! And thank you Mr. Xia too. Wishing you success in both your love life and career in the year of the Monkey. Master has helped Mr. Xia made some great Feng Shui adjustments. If you have good news in the coming new year, please let Master know.

Mr. Xia: Yes, I definitely will. You’ll be the first to know.

Host: Thank you all for watching our program.