Master Datong’s Feng Shui Lecture Series – Episode Three (Wang’s Residence – Text Version)

“Master Datong’s Feng Shui Lecture Series” is a Lunar New Year program exclusively produced by California’s Crossings TV. Master Datong has been specially invited to the program to introduce basic knowledge of Feng Shui to everyone and help everyone improve their luck.

Mr. Wang is an artist and photographer. He and his wife are fond of collecting paintings and artworks, and their front and backyard are filled with various plants and flowers. Today Mr. Wang would like to get Master Datong’s opinion on how to display artworks and position plants to enhance fortune, health and harmony in their family.

The theme of our program today is Feng Shui and Health, as well as art decoration and display. We are very pleased to have Master Datong from Feng Huang Yuan. Hello, Master Datong! Welcome to our show!

Master Datong: Hello Host! Happy New Year to all our viewers!

Host: Master, this is the family we are going to visit today, the couple has two sons who are doing very well in their careers, both are artists, and they open a gallery in Monterey. The couple would like to consult with you about adjusting the Feng Shui of the house to benefit their health. There are a lot of artworks in their house. They would like to know the appropriate way to display them to increase their fortune.

Master Datong: Okay.

Host: Now may we invite the owner of the house, Mr. Wang. Master, let’s look at the outside of the house. There are hills on the left side of the house, which is very beautiful. The road is going down slightly. The neighbor’s house is on the right side. Let me ask Mr. Wang first, Why did you choose such a location?

Mr. Wang: This is the southeast direction, the sitting position is north, facing south. I like this house mostly because it is not very close to the neighbors, with more space on the back and sides which is more comfortable.

Host: Master, is this a good Feng Shui environment?

Master Datong: From a Feng Shui perspective, dragon is at the left side, tiger is at the right side, the dragon’s side is high, and the tiger’s side is low. Feng Shui is good.

Host: Okay, the terrain is very favorable. Master, there are lots of green plants around the house. The first thing I see are bamboos, a whole row of bamboos. Ancient Chinese literacy favors bamboos very much. Famous poet, Su Dongpo, once said, “I’d rather have meals without meat than live in a place without bamboos.” Mr. Wang, why choose bamboos?

Mr. Wang: I have special affection for bamboos and pine trees. And this kind of bamboo matures in three years. It is a natural barrier, like a wall, that is why I planted them here.

Host: Master, from a Feng Shui perspective, are these bamboos planted in the right place?

Master Datong: From a Feng Shui perspective, of course it is good to have bamboos in the courtyard, but Mr. Wang planted the bamboos in the wrong place. It is not very good to have them in front of the house. Because bamboo is rich in water, it can easily hurt people’s feelings. If bamboos are planted in the backyard, it will increase one’s financial resources.

Host: How about planting bamboos on both sides of the house?

Master Datong: It is very good to plant golden bamboos and purple bamboos on both sides of the house.

Host: Mr. Wang, are you able to move the bamboos to the backyard? But this land is a public land. Are you sharing it with your neighbor?

Mr. Wang: I planted the bamboo. I suppose I could move them, but it would be a big project, Master, is there any other option? The bamboos here are growing very well here.

Master Datong: Since it’s been planted, you don’t have to move them. Feng Huang Yuan has a solution. Our Feng Huang Yuan Qilin Feng Shui sticker can protect you from negative energy, protect the house and increase wealth. I have a Feng Shui sticker, which I will give it to you later. Tie a red cloth or a red rope around the bamboo stalk closest to the gate. By doing these two things, this problem can be resolved.

Host: We have assessed the outside. Mr. Wang, let’s check the inside of your house. The aisle is exquisitely designed. Here is a four-monkey painting, and on the right side is a “Spring Embracing” painting and a “Ten Thousand Buddhas” painting. Master, please let us know if this setting is appropriate?

Master Datong: Mr. Wang, how did you get the four-monkey painting?

Mr. Wang: An artist painted it specially for me since we have four “monkeys” in our family.

Master Datong: So this family has four people born in the year of the monkey. It is said that your life will be in abundance if there are three monkeys in a family, but if there are four monkeys in a family, there must be a mischievous one. Is there a mischievous one in your family?

Mr. Wang: I am not sure.

Master Datong: In terms of Feng Shui, three monkeys are the best, but since there are four monkeys here, the solution is to use a piece of red cloth or gold-colored paper to cover the fourth one. This will confirm the information that there are only three monkeys in the family. This will be the best information.

Host: Do we have to pick a particular one?

Master Datong: Mr. Wang can decide, just cover the mischievous one.

Host: There are many artworks here, for example, the stone sculptures. This stone piece is beautiful. I also see a Feng Shui equipment here. This is a golden toad, is it right Master?

Master Datong: Golden toad brings prosperity. It should be facing inside since there is a coin in its mouth. It brings money in, but it has nowhere to put it. You need to put a plate under it to receive the money. You can think of a way to do this.

Host: Mr. Wang, do you make a lot of money but just couldn’t save money? Master says that if you put a small plate here, the money will come your way and the savings in your bank will increase gradually

Master Datong: The “Ten Thousand Buddhas” painting is good. When you enter the house, you will see the smart monkeys, the thousand Buddha and the golden toad delivering wealth. The setting of the aisle is good, it seems that Mr. Wang has some knowledge of Feng Shui.

Mr. Wang: I actually did it arbitrarily.

Master Datong: Arbitrarily means action through inaction, which is even better.

Host: Let’s look at the living room, do you see anything not fitting in?

Master Datong: The ceiling of the living room is sloping, It is said that the Feng Shui of the house is sloping too. It is easy to be cheated and your wallet might turn upside down.

Host: You mean losing money?

Master Datong: If the ceiling is sloping, it is not a good indication in terms of Feng Shui.

Host: In fact many of our friends have this kind of sloping ceilings, how can Mr. Wang fix it?

Master Datong: The house has already been built. When a Feng Shui master comes in to check the Feng Shui of a house, the first thing they’ll check is the facade of the house, second is to assess the owner from their facial appearance, and third is the layout of the furniture. Since the ceiling is sloping, I will assess Mr. Wang’s facial appearance. He looks vibrant, optimistic and full of energy. A person like you, with such a appearance, has very positive energy field. With such a good energy field, the ceiling issue will not be a big problem, and can be resolved.

Mr. Wang: What if I get older?

Master Datong: When you get older, you need to prolong your life. I will tell you a method at the end of the program.

Host: Hello audiences, as you can see, blessed people live in blessed place. The Feng Shui of the house is very important but your personal Feng Shui is also very important. Positive people bring forth positive energy, and it will have great influence on the Feng Shui of the house. Master, can we check the dining room?

Master Datong: Okay.

Host: We are now in the dining room, this artwork is beautiful, but every time Master has this expression, I know there is a problem, am I right?

Master Datong: Mr. Wang, where did you get this painting? Why do you like to hang it in the dining room?

Mr. Wang: A friend of mind, who is an artist, gave it to me. The dining table looks like spindrift, so I hang the painting here.

Host: The artist thinks it is a good match here. Is it good Feng Shui?

Master Datong: From the Feng Shui perspective, the dining room should be a peaceful place to enjoy meals and to relax. This painting has big waves with high winds. It is be better to put an artwork which is calm and bright. So, while enjoying our food, our body, mind and soul are relaxed, and can thus resonate and coordinate better.

Host: Mr. Wang has a business, does it affect his business?

Master Datong: Doing business is like fighting in a battlefield, which is already very risky. When a ship is in such a place, it is even more risky, which further increases the risk of doing business.

Host: So, if Mr. Wang wants to avoid the risks, it is better for him to change the painting with a peaceful one. Master, is it fine to put some fresh flowers or a still life painting here?

Master Datong: Fresh flowers are fine, it doesn’t matter much in the dining room. Painting with flowers or beautiful scenery is fine.

Host: The Spring Embracing painting at the entrance can be hung here.

Master Datong: Yes, or maybe something a little bigger, like this size is better, that one is a bit small.

Host: Master, this is the master bedroom. It is full of sunshine, and the color is also warm. Is everything okay here?

Master Datong: As soon as I entered, I felt a door adverse, The door is facing the bed, which is a taboo in Feng Shui. That’s the first problem. Secondly, I see a beam, fortunately the beam is not right above the bed. It is very important that a beam is not located right above the bed.

Mr. Wang: Would it be better to build a ceiling to cover the beam?

Master Datong: Yes, or maybe move the bed so that the beam will not be above the bed. You can use a curtain, like a beaded curtain, to block the door adverse.

Host: Master, there is a small doorless entrance to the bathroom here, does it need to be blocked as well?

Master Datong: Yes, do not let the negative energy from the bathroom enter the bedroom. It is best to block it.

Mr. Wang: Can this curtain be a short curtain? Like the half-size one used in restaurants to prevent others from looking directly into the kitchen.

Master Datong: Half-size curtain will be fine, better than nothing. Are you worried about the inconvenience of your wife going in and out?

Mr. Wang: Yes, a little.

Master Datong: Then, you can think of a way to block it yourself.

Host: Master, are there any other problems with this room?

Master Datong: The other problem is that the mirror is facing the bed, which is not good Feng Shui.

Mr. Wang: My wife sleeps here.

Master Datong: From the Feng Shui perspective, an important function of the mirror is to block the negative energy. So this mirror in the bedroom, which is facing the bed is not good. If you turn on the light and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you may be shocked to see a person suddenly appear in the mirror. Mirror has yin characteristics and it shouldn’t be facing the bed. There are more than two mirrors here. There are also a few large mirrors here. There are mirrors in the front and the side. You really need to make some adjustments.

Host: This mirror is not movable like the other mirrors. Is there any other way to block it or resolve the problem?

Master Datong: Removing them doesn’t seem ideal. I suggest blocking them using a curtain. Mr. Wang is an artist and can find a nice curtain to cover them, but it should not be too colorful. Just cover them during daytime.

Host: You said it should not be too colorful, is it related to one’s age?

Master Datong: At this age, don’t use colorful things, but use something elegant to block them. Cover the mirror on this side during the day. Don’t cover the mirror on this side during the day but it is better to cover it at night when you sleep.

Host: Mr. Wang, you can choose a curtain you like and hang it here.

Mr. Wang: Curtain may not be convenient. Can I use decorative stuff to cover it?

Master Datong: Also can.

Host: Can Mr. Wang hang his own painting there?

Master Datong: He is an artist, he will find a way.

Host: After the Feng Shui assessment of this house is completed, Mr. Wang, how do you feel now?

Mr. Wang: There are many places that need to be modified. Thank you for your advice, Master!

Host: Thank you Master! You have given a lot of good advice to Mr. Wang. So for our viewers in front of the TV, those who like to grow plants at home or collect artwork, what kind of principle should be followed?

Master Datong: For different people and different houses, the arrangement of artworks and plants are different. For older homeowner like Mr. Wang, I suggest using the method of subtraction. First, reduce the number of display artworks, you don’t have to display all of your artworks. Secondly, reduce the number of plants. Because older people have less Yang energy, too many flowers and plants will create more Yin energy and thus affect the Yin-Yang balance. Therefore, artworks, flowers and plants should be reduced to the appropriate level. This way, it will be pleasing to the eyes and healthy for the body and mind.

Host: As the ancient Chinese saying goes, “Win more with less”, especially when people get older, it’s better to keep things in moderation. Let me ask Mr. Wang again, what is your new year wish? Can you share with us?

Mr. Wang: The coming year is the Year of the Monkey. At our age, we only wish for good health and happiness.

Host: Good health and happiness, these words are very meaningful. Master, can you give Mr. Wang more advice?

Master Datong: Adjustment of the Feng Shui is the adjustment of one’s health. The health of the house will promote the health of the occupant and vice versa. So for older people like Mr. Wang, who has good financial foundation, I suggest that he becomes active instead of passive in the maintenance of good Feng Shui and physical health.

Host: Master, since you are not likely to come often, can you please be more specific on how to turn passive maintenance to active maintenance so that Mr. Wang will be able to adjust the Feng Shui by himself?

Master Datong: I will give you two suggestions, if you do as I said you will have good results. First, travel to the places with abundance of spiritual energy. Some places are barren land, while others have mountains and water falls. Different water and soil will have different effect on people. A remarkable place produces outstanding people. For example, where is the root of Western Feng Shui? It is in Bryce Canyon National Park in the United States. It’s a very mysterious place. When you are there, you can feel the difference and receive the spiritual and positive energy there. Some people’s health just got better after visiting there. Some even experienced mysterious phenomena. Bryce National Park is also associated with Arches Park, which has lots of information from Futam Star. Interstellar Feng Shui theory comes from Futam Star, a star destroyed in the solar system long time ago. I recommend everyone to visit these two places when you have time, it will help your body and mind.

Host: Dear friends, if you have time, you can visit the two places that Master just mentioned. Besides traveling, Master, you have a wonder-working gift for us?

Master Datong: As I have introduced to you just now, you need to practice and to cultivate. Cultivate to be a good person, and accumulate kindness and virtue. As for practice, there is a set of health strengthening methods. I have prepared the “Strolling in Space” holistic health cultivation DVD for Mr. Wang. Feng Huang Yuan has nine holistic health cultivation secret methods. Lots of people practice “Strolling in Space” especially in the 1990s in mainland China. This is for Mr. Wang and I hope Mr. Wang will like it.

Mr. Wang: Is it easy to practice?

Master Datong: There are only six movements, you can practice 20 or 30 minutes daily. Keep practicing for three months or half a year, and you will see the benefit. Very easy to learn, give it a try.