Grandmaster Made A Visit To My House

Date Published: 2018-8-5

The other day, I received a call from Grandmaster Datong. Knowing that Grandmaster and Senior Sister were coming to the city where I live on a business trip, I was really overjoyed. Grandmaster’s residence is not far from my house, so I invited them over.

At noon, Grandmaster, Senior Sister and I had lunch together. This should be an honorable and joyous occasion but I was coughing terribly. I had to excuse myself to the washroom frequently to cough which made me felt embarrassed. Grandmaster saw my situation and told Senior Sister to check on my condition later but I didn’t take it seriously.

After lunch, they paid a visit to my house. Before we managed to sit down, Grandmaster and Senior Sister started to evaluate the Feng Shui of my house and adjusted the position of the place where I do my daily practices. Grandmaster made me sat down. Grandmaster and Senior Sister used their cosmic skills to probe the negative entities in my body.

Grandmaster asked, “You went to the United States few days ago, have you been to the Fisherman’s Wharf?” I answered no. Grandmaster then asked, “Have you seen sea lions that time?” I was truly amazed. Indeed, I saw sea lions when I went to Santa Cruz that day. Grandmaster said: “The negative entity of a sea lion has entered your body which made you cough; yet you do moxibustion therapy at home daily, which causes this negative entity to be afflicted with asthma. This in turn causes you to have an asthma attack after your returned home.”

Next, Grandmaster used his cosmic skills to get rid of the negative entity in my body and the two red-eyed spiders in my head. These two red-eyed spiders had damaged my facial nerves, and caused my right eyelid to swell and twitch often. Lastly, Grandmaster told me to recite “Celestial Love Mantra” and thank the negative entities for leaving “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you”!

My cough got better very quickly, and my eyelid no longer feels uncomfortable. That day when Grandmaster made a visit to my house is an unforgettable occasion in my life. Thank you Grandmaster, Senior Sister, and the Universe!

Zhang Ling (China)