A Brief Introduction to Inter-Dimensional Private School

Date Published: 2020-8-23

1. The origination of “Inter-Dimensional Private School”

On July 11, 2018, Lord Bao (Surname: Bao; Given Name: Zheng; A famous politician of China’s Song Dynasty, highly honored by the society, and is the symbol of uprightness, incorruptible and selflessness in the hearts of the Chinese.) said to Grandmaster Datong: “A clock is unable to stop the passage of time. It is necessary to give one last shot to nurture those students who observe the rules. All those students who are unwilling to observe the rules should not be allowed to stay. The Divine will help and support you this time in nurturing students… Don’t break this rule.”

Bole (the most famous master of horse physiognomy in ancient China 2500 years ago) delivered a divine revelation to guide Grandmaster Datong on how to identify and gather talents together using method similar to physiognomy of horses.

Lord Bao and Bole decided to open the inaugural course session of Feng Huang Yuan “Inter-Dimensional Private School” in the hometown of Grandmaster Datong – Zhu’an Village in Yongjia County, located in the middle course of the Nanxi River in Wenzhou, which is on the coastal area of East China Sea. The specific rules and requirements for Grandmaster Datong’s teaching mode, content, schedules, and conditions for admission of students have also been set out.

On July 12, Jiutian Xuannü (the goddess of war in Chinese mythology) delivered a divine revelation, signifying the importance of strengthening the education of “sense of justice” (righteousness) in Inter-Dimensional Private School.

From July to October 2018, three sessions of the Inter-Dimensional Private School were conducted in Zhu’an Village, and the fourth session was held in Wuzhen, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province (Audio tutorial; Senior Sister Lisa as the presiding person cum instructor.)

2. What is “Inter-Dimensional Private School”?

The divine revelation of Taishang Laojun (the supreme deity of alchemy):

“The Inter-Dimensional Private School is a school that provides learning, practice and study methods to the “starseeds”; read celestial books, practice celestial Dan-alchemy, observe the Way of the Cosmos, learn to be kind and gentle, and return to high-dimensional planets with light of solemn auspiciousness.”

This “school” is neither conducted in the third dimension realm nor realms higher than forth dimension, but in the space between the third-dimensional realm and the fourth-dimensional realm, hence the name “Inter-Dimensional Private School.”

The Feng Huang Yuan cultivation and practice system is composed of nine-part progression of life and each part consists of a spiritual level and an interstellar mystical method. The spiritual level is the principal part while the interstellar mystical method is the supplementary, and the interstellar mystical method revolves around the spiritual level.

The core spirits of the spiritual level of the first, second, and third part of the progression are “cause and effect”, “etiquette”, and “righteousness” respectively; group these phrases together, it means “learn to be a better person”. If one fails to learn to be a better person, one’s cultivation and practice will be as futile as drawing water with a bamboo basket. The spiritual courses of the Elementary Spiritual Classroom and Inter-Dimensional Private School are tailor-made by the divinities for practitioners of Feng Huang Yuan. The current learning content of the enlightening teaching materials is for one to elevate one’s spiritual level and “learn to be a better person.” All course content is provided by the respective presiding deities.

3. Admission Requirements for “Inter-Dimensional Private School”

a. A student who has been accepted into the School must be resolute in following Grandmaster Datong in conducting studies of life and the universe, be devoted to the “Three Rescues”, and have studied the “Feng Huang Bronze Bell” as a Feng Huang Yuan practitioner.

b. A student of the Elementary Spiritual Classroom.

4. Presiding Deities of “Inter-Dimensional Private School”

(I) Peng Zu (the Chinese sage of longevity who lived to be over 800 years old, more than 4000 years ago)

(II) Divine Mother Jiutian Xuannü

(III) Lord Bao

(IV) Bole

5. Purposes of “Inter-Dimensional Private School”

Feng Huang Yuan’s mission: Elevate the spiritual level of practitioners, practice interstellar mystical methods, master cosmic techniques, create miracles of life, and accomplish the return of life to its source.

In order to accomplish the noble mission entrusted to the Feng Huang Yuan by the Divine, elevating the spirituality of Feng Huang Yuan practitioners is the first priority.

Therefore, Peng Zu, the most famous sage of longevity in Chinese history, made a manifestation of his presence at Feng Huang Yuan in 2018 and presided and conducted the fourth session of the Inter-Dimensional Private School.

So, what role does the establishment of the Inter-Dimensional Private School play in fulfilling the mission of Feng Huang Yuan?

Divine Revelation of Peng Zu: “Return to the period of innocence (prelapsarian), and effectuate the approach of space-time overlap.” (August 9, 2018)

“Learning subject inInter-Dimensional Private School: is to activate the students’ latent power within their memory during the period of innocence. Deceitfulness, covetousness, selfishness, manic behavior, melancholia, mental fragility, and the like must be eliminated. These psychological diseases are the body, mind and spirit syndromes.

“Each session of the Inter-Dimensional Private School will have divine revelation delivered from different space-time for students to study and learn.

“Datong, if the students’ deceitfulness, covetousness, selfishness, manic behavior, melancholia, mental fragility are not removed, no one will carry out the “Three Rescues”. All aspirations will become empty words.

“People who are pure do not mean they lack willpower, commitment power, determination power, repentance power, and power of merits. Don’t forget: amiablity has healing power, hard work and efforts develop one’s wisdom, practices improve one’s immunity power, and faith strengthen one’s supernatural power.

The obligations of Inter-Dimensional Private School’s education is to transform students’ bad psychology into pure and sincere psychology:

“Deceitfulness” transforms into “Wisdom”;

“Covetousness” transforms into “Decency”;

“Selfishness” transforms into “Dedication”;

“Manic behavior” transforms into “Composure”;

“Melancholia” transforms into “Happiness”;

“Mental fragility” transforms into “Fortitude”.

6. The content of spiritual course of “Inter-Dimensional Private School”:

From July to October 2018, Grandmaster Datong personally accepted the guidance from deities Taishang Laojun and Peng Zu, and held three course sessions at his birthplace. The content of the course was based on that of the inaugural session, and for subsequent sessions, there will be content additions or deletions depending on the particular circumstances.

The inaugural session of Inter-Dimensional Private School (2018 July 19-28)

The first lesson: Peng Zu “One Hundred Taboos Texts (Bai Ji Pian)” (2018 July 19)

Study and learn from Peng Zu’s divine revelation:

“Spiritual cultivators:

“Grandmaster Datong will guide you through the “One Hundred Taboos Texts”, not available to the ordinary people.”

“Understand me the “One Hundred Taboos Texts”, daytime favorable and nighttime harmonious.”

“Days are always stuck at the juncture, how can there be prosperity and longevity?”

Peng Zu asked the students to only read the “One Hundred Taboos Texts” without explaining it. He would pass on the true meaning of the “One Hundred Taboos Texts”, which has been circulating in China for four thousand years, to Grandmaster Datong, and Grandmaster Datong would explain it to the students.

I. First, study the “Divine Revelation of Lord Bao” to clearly understand that the Divine’s purpose of establishing the “Inter-Dimensional Private School” in Feng Huang Yuan is to help Feng Huang Yuan cultivate real “Three Rescues” talents.

II. Study and learn from the “Divine Revelation of Bole” on how to identify and cultivate “good horses” and “horses with exceptional stamina” for the “Three Rescues”.

III. Study the “Divine Revelation of Jiutian Xuannü” which requires students to learn to be “righteous” and “harmonious”, and not to allow evil members of the herd such as Shen Gongbao, Pang Juan, and Yan Song to stay by Grandmaster’s side.

IV. Study and learn from the divine revelation “Righteousness, Rules, Harmony and Self-Discipline” delivered by Alexander the Great and the Great Sage Teacher Yangming. This phrase will become the “Teachings of Feng Huang Yuan.”

V. Study and learn from the “Divine Revelation of Yuanbao Mountain Deity”: (Yuanbao Mountain Deity——the incarnation of Lingbao Tianzun on Earth, one of the three highest divinities of Taoism.)

“Learn to be a better person, have a sense of shame, be obliged to forge ahead, cross the barrier of forbearance, and everything will progress smoothly.”

Lesson 2: Merits, Virtues and Aura (Human Energy Field) (2018 July 20)

1. Study and learn from the “Divine Revelation of Taishang Laojun”:

“In order to be involved in the “Three Rescues” work for the Earth, you must have some abilities. What great things can come out of research by a person who’s life is short? It is necessary for a person to accumulate merits and develop virtues. Interstellar techniques can be practiced, gained or lost! Merits accumulation and virtue development can heal scars of the body, mind and soul.

“Remember, merit-making and virtue development are not accomplished in one day, two days, or three days…”

“A person with lofty virtue who loves practicing skills will naturally master the skills, just like the cosmic techniques which Grandmaster Datong has gained mastery of them.”

“With good energy and good aura, then one is able to help more people and also able to ward off harmful evil forces…”

2. Kuang Heng, a famous imperial chancellor during the Chinese Han dynasty two thousand years ago, made an appearance in manifestation at the classroom and sorrowfully stated that the root cause of his failure to protect his integrity in his late years was due to the fact that he was an autodidact, he had no guidance of spiritual masters, and had no teacher to teach him…. He sincerely told the students present in class that they should cherish the rare opportunity in this world to follow Grandmaster Datong Master in practicing Dan-alchemy.

Lesson 3: A heart of gold and the heart is bright (2018 July 21)

1. Study and learn from the “Divine Revelation of Taishang Laojun”:

Yuanbao Mountain, situated opposite of Zhu’an Village, is called “Bijia Mountain” by locals. During class, Bijia Mountain Deity made an appearance in manifestation and self-proclaimed to be the “Yuanbao Mountain Deity”, the incarnation of the Lingbao Tianzun, one the three highest Taoist divinities on Earth, and he is cultivating spirituality in this mountain.

The main content of this lesson is in pursuant to Yuanbao Mountain Deity’s divine theology: Read Chapter XX of the Tao Te Ching.

2. Study and learn from the “Divine Revelation of Peng Zu”:

“Give up greed. Those who are capable need to have a heart of gold, the heart is bright.”

“Students approaching Grandmaster Datong will have to go through trials after trials. Otherwise, “Three Rescues” will be an empty talk, not only deceiving ourselves, but also deceiving sentient beings, and deceiving the Divine…”

Lesson 4: Integrity and Life Nourishing (2018-7-22)

1. Study and learn from the “Divine Revelation of Peng Zu”:

Integrity is a profound secret to nourishing life.

“Datong needs to change the method of leading students… There is the need to take a comprehensive view of students around you and their integrity levels.”

“Datong’s students, it is only by preserving integrity that moving in the right direction will be within grasp.”

“Those who have become immortals have very high degree of integrity.”

2. Study and learn from the “Divine Revelation of Huangshi Gong”:

Let students who have low integrity and weak power of repentance to leave; If you can’t find good students, rather not bring them, bring less students with misdeeds, rather go without them than having someone of shoddy behavior.

Study and learn from the story of Huangshi Gong who tested Zhang Liang’s humility and integrity.

Lesson 5: Don’t change one’s original intention. Become a qualified student (2020 July 23)

1. Study the “Sayings of Grandmaster Nengzhe (one of the emanation bodies of Grandmaster Datong)”: (omitted)

2. Study the “Divine Revelation of Yuanbaoshan Deity”: (omitted)

3. Study the “Divine Revelation of Divine Mother Nüwa”: (omitted)

4. Study and learn from the “Divine Revelation of Peng Zu”:

“Be true to one’s word, keep one’s promises, be honest without being deceitful…, for opening a great golden path for the soul.”

5. Study and learn from the “Divine Revelation of Guigu Laozu”:

“From now on, Dan-alchemy practitioners of Feng Huang Yuan will be selected from the ‘Inter-Dimensional Private School’ (primary school) and from among students of the ‘Inter-Dimensional Private School’ who have received spiritual education from divine revelation.”

Lesson 6: “Nine-Nine Eight-One Tribulations” and “China Lacks a Dose of Medicine” (2018 July 24)

1. Grandmaster Datong talks about “Journey to the West”——True and false Monkey King, never forget the original intention, and strictly guard against disloyalty.

2. Study and learn from “China lacks a dose of medicine, so the name is Ma Xiangbo.”

Ma Xiangbo: A great educator in China modern history and the founder of Fudan University. He had cultivated many famous figures who were masters or experts in various fields such as Cai Yuanpei, Li Shutong (Master Hongyi), Yu Youren, Shao Lizi, Chen Yinge, Zhu Kezhen, Huang Yanpei, etc.

“Bole is good at horse physiognomy, Xiangbo is good at human physiognomy.”

Ma Xiangbo was the reincarnation of Bole, a master of horse physiognomy during the Spring and Autumn period in China.

Since many great souls from Heaven were born on Earth and unable to return, Bole Deity reincarnated as Ma Xiangbo in search of “good celestial horses” to bring them back to Heaven.

3. Ma Xiangbo made an appearance in manifestation at the class and sang the “Song of Horse Physiognomy” to Grandmaster Datong and the students to help Grandmaster Datong identifies “horses with exceptional stamina” among people. He also showed Grandmaster two pictures, one is “Good Horse Stuck in Muddy Pond” and the other is “Red Hare Horse.”

Lesson Seven: Grandmaster Datong’s “Three Emanation Bodies” transform life “Record of Merits and Demerits” (2018 July 25)

1. Study and learn from the “Sayings of Grandmaster Nengzhe” (the teachings of one of Grandmaster Datong’s emanation bodies): (omitted)

2. Study and learn from the “Sayings of Grandmaster Zhizhe” (the teachings of Grandmaster’s second emanation body): (omitted)

3. Study and learn from the “Sayings of Grandmaster Shanzhe” (the teachings of Grandmaster’s third emanation body): (omitted)

Feng Huang Yuan practitioners should remember the “Record of Merits and Demerits” well and improve themselves.

Three reference books:

1. “Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons”

2. “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”

3. “The Greatest Salesman In the World”

Benjamin Franklin appeared in manifestation at the class and gave the students instructions on the “five powers”: 1. The Power of Determination, 2. The Power of Promise, 3. The Power of Resolution, 4. The Power of Repentance, 5. The Power of Merit.

Focus on studying and learning from the 13 “records of merits and demerits” of Benjamin Franklin (the father of American Spirit and one of the three Founding Fathers of the United States).

Lesson 8: (omitted)

Lesson 9: (omitted)

Lesson 10: (omitted)