Feng Huang Yuan Teaches the Second Cosmic Technique for Pandemic Disaster Prevention and Mitigation – The Mystical Secret Method of “Phoenix Flapping Wings”

Date Published: April 11, 2020

In early 2020, during this special period of prevention and control of the coronavirus pandemic, Grandmaster Datong, following the order of the Divine, taught the students of Feng Huang Yuan Elementary Spiritual Classroom several sets of cosmic techniques for”COVID-19 Prevention and Mitigation”.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, COVID-19 belongs to the category of plague, and its main pathogenic characteristic is dampness toxin, which can be known as the dampness toxin pestilence. Dampness toxin pestilence is a pandemic disease characterized by dampness toxin. The main syndrome elements are dampness, toxin, heat, stasis and deficiency. It mainly invades both the lungs and spleen organs, and the core pathogenesis is dampness toxin blocking the lungs.

After Grandmaster Datong imparted the mystical secret method of “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” at the end of January, he subsequently imparted the second cosmic technique for pandemic disaster prevention and mitigation – the mystical secret method of “Phoenix Flapping Wings” to students of the Elementary Spiritual Classroom in early February.

Practicing the mystical secret method of “Phoenix Flapping Wings” together with “Evening Physical Therapy”, can help expel damp-cold evil Qi, toxic evil Qi and pathogenic Qi from the body.

The following are parts of the students’ shared experiences:

Wen Yuan: After practicing “Phoenix Flapping Wings” eighteen times for the first time, my whole body became warm. Damp-cold Qi was dispelled through my underarms and back, and my underarms felt a little damp. Why were my ten fingers always cold after finishing the practice? My fingertip pads were much colder than the palms of my hands. I never have such experience. It was after I’ve asked Senior Sister, I learned that the ten fingers connect to the heart. This makes me cherish it and practice it well.

Ren Min: My body temperature has always been very low. During this period of time, because I have to go out to do errands, my body temperature has to be taken wherever I go. I was worried because my body temperature was 32 degrees Celsius at the lowest and only 34 degrees Celsius at the highest. After practicing “Phoenix Flapping Wings” last night, going to bed was warm. This morning, I drank “ Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” and then went to work after practicing “Phoenix Flapping Wings”. The company took my temperature and it was 35.7 degrees. It was miracle. Oh, I simply couldn’t believe it. Previously, my body temperature has always been below 34 degrees Celsius. After all these days it was only today that my temperature taken was over 35 degrees Celsius. It’s really so great!

Cao Meifang: I practiced “Phoenix Flapping Wings” last night. The calves of my legs started to feel a little distention and after about 20 minutes, the back of my body to the back of my lower limbs felt a little chilly. Later I practiced “Evening Physical Healing” and the chilly sensation gradually disappeared. During the past two days, in order to properly prevent and control the COVID-19 outbreak in the neighborhood, our community had organized a resident small group leader to be on duty at the road entrance of the neighborhood which has no property management, braving 4-5 hours a day in blowing winds; if it was in the past, my body couldn’t stand any longer. I think because I have been drinking “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” every day, and practicing “Phoenix Flapping Wings” which enable me to withstand the chilly wind.

Zhang Shugui: I have had breast hyperplasia for a long time. When I practiced “Phoenix Flapping Wings” last night, I obviously felt tearing pain in my armpits, accompanied by expulsion of bursts of cold Qi. I practiced it this morning, and the pain felt was the same. After finishing the practice, I kept my armpits wide open, and the chill and pain lasted for about 5 minutes. On the evening of February 10th, after practicing “Phoenix Flapping Wings”, a burst of energy from the bones of the shoulder joints pierced through to the front of my chest, and there was evident sweating on the soles of my feet. I didn’t feel like eating throughout the day, but my bowel movements were normal. After practicing “Phoenix Flapping Wings” this morning, I also practiced “ Feng Huang Bronze Bell”. I felt that there was a phoenix in the energy field during the whole process and I was so happy! This was something I had never experienced before when I practiced “ Feng Huang Bronze Bell”. Subsequently, I practiced “Feng Huang Divine Palm” and felt my body was extremely lithe and my hands and feet were very coordinated.

Yu Jiangjie: After I practiced “Phoenix Flapping Wings” last night, when I was still in position before the closing posture, my armpits had the sensation like cool wind being expelled, and both Yongquan acupoints were warm. After the closing posture, my two armpits were a little damp, and breathing felt very relaxed as if my lungs had also expanded with increased lung capacity. There was a burst of intense energy at the Baihui acupoint on the crown of my head. During my practice today, cold Qi similar to cold water was being dispelled through my armpits, and the soles of my feet had heat sensation. After the closing posture, both my shoulder blades emitted cold Qi, my whole body was relaxed, and my two armpits were wet.

Zhao Meiqin: When I got up in the morning, I felt dizzy and nauseous all day long. At 8:30 in the evening, after drinking “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring”, I felt that my arms were heavy and my whole body was cold. The cold seemed to have been dispersed out of my bones. On the afternoon of February 4th, I had a violent cough while I was organizing my notes, so I drank “ Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” and recovered right away. On the morning of February 5th, after practicing “Phoenix Flapping Wings” I drank “ Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” and my whole body was very relaxed and particularly comfortable. On the morning of February 6th, I went to the supermarket to buy groceries and on my way back, I started to feel chest tightness. Just as I was about to reach home, I kept coughing and my chest was bloated. I was really scared. Could I be infected with COVID-19? As soon as I got home, I quickly put down the groceries and practiced “Phoenix Flapping Wings”. After the practice, I made “ Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” and drank it. In less than 5 minutes, I felt calm and the discomfort disappeared.

“Phoenix Flapping Wings” and “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring” can cure and prevent diseases, and make one invulnerable to diseases. The cosmic technique imparted by Grandmaster Datong is really great!

Wang Wei: When I practiced “Phoenix Flapping Wings” last night, I still felt underarms wetness. Subsequently, I practiced “Evening Physical Healing” and felt very comfortable. Before practices this morning, I read the notes carefully again and then started practicing. At first, I felt my underarms were slightly damp, and then bursts of cold Qi were being expelled from my armpits, and my arms felt chilly, while the Yongquan acupoints on the soles of my feet had heat sensation, even slightly burning. I knew this was cold-damp Qi being expelled through my armpits and my Yongquan acupoints were expelling heat deficiency toxic Qi. After drinking “Sweet Dew and Fire Spring”, my skin becomes more radiant and smoother.

Our greatest gain is to have the mystical secret methods for”Defending and Resolving COVID-19″, making us feel blessed by the Divine, and no longer have to worry about the current environment. During practice, our heart is very tranquil and the energy is very strong, as if Grandmaster is by our side.

More experience sharings will be published in the “Practitioners’ Sharings” section.

Nan Jixin