Queen Mother of the West Warns: How to Deal With the Coronavirus Disease (2020-5-15)

Date published: 2021-8-20

[Notes: Queen Mother of the West, the supreme goddess of heaven, has the power to create and destroy, decide over life and death, determine the health, marriage and life span of human, and manage epidemics and punishments, etc.]

Today, Queen Mother of the West through the fragrance of sandalwood, transmitted a divine revelation to Grandmaster Datong on how to prevent and treat COVID-19.

Queen Mother of the West wants Feng Huang Yuan to convey the voice of the Divine to the people of the world: Only by placing importance on the pandemic and turning away from evil and doing good can there be hope of avoiding this virus and saving oneself.

Grandmaster Datong asks the Divine reverently:Report to the Divine, this evening, I was sitting at the table and smelled waves of sandalwood fragrance rushing into my nose. Will the Divine be delivering a divine revelation?

The Divine answers: (Picture) The highest goddess of heaven, Queen Mother of the West appears.

Queen Mother of the West:The coronavirus will accompany mankind for a long time to come. The “Infinite Divine Light – Elimination of Disastrous Fate” I delivered to Feng Huang Yuan can avoid this virus.

Grandmaster Datong: How to use the “Infinite Divine Light – Elimination of Disastrous Fate” to effectively avoid this virus?

Queen Mother of the West: (omitted)

Grandmaster Datong: Who are those people who can’t avoid the coronavirus?

Queen Mother of the West: Three types of people cannot avoid it:

1. People whose mind has no kind thoughts cannot avoid it;

2. People who are negligent cannot avoid it;

3. People who are of sheer luck cannot avoid it;

Grandmaster Datong:What is meant by a negligent person?

Queen Mother of the West: Some people think that they have kind thoughts, but they are overconfident, disdain for the virus, and do not attach importance to positive scientific and technological methods of defending against the virus, such as not washing their hands frequently, not wearing masks, not… etc.

Grandmaster Datong: What is meant by “people who are of sheer luck”?

Queen Mother of the West: Since one was not infected this time, one thinks that being infected will always be someone else’s matter, and the virus is still far away from oneself. In fact, the virus is all around oneself.