Grandmaster Datong’s Calendar Photo – Warded Off the Danger of Drowning

Date Published: 2020-3-4

On February 13th this year, I received a Grandmaster Datong’s calendar photo. I contemplate this photo and study the wording on the photo it every day.

I am 64 years old now. Since retiring, apart from practicing the mystical secret methods of Feng Huang Yuan, I have just been planting some vegetables, doing some leg strengthening exercises, and enjoying every day’s life. Such lifestyle has been repeating itself for more than ten years.

On the morning of February 25th, as usual, I went to the other side of our residential to water vegetables. I took a bucket to get fetch some water from the fish pond. Who knew how careless I was today. When I was fetching water, the bucket drifted farther and farther away, and I fell into the big fishpond by holding onto that bucket. I didn’t know the depth of the water. It was up to my neck at that time. Although I couldn’t swim, I was not afraid at all. Unconsciously, I recited the Celestial Love Mantra straight away: “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you” …! While chanting, I desperately climbed up, and it took quite a while for me to climb ashore. At that moment, I thought: “Had I not joined Feng Huang Yuan and learned how to save myself by using the cosmic technique, the consequences will would be unbearable.” I’m so grateful to Grandmaster Datong for saving my life!

Upon hearing about this incident, my family was terrified. The fish pond seems bottomless. I didn’t know where the energy came from, that I was able to climb ashore. I really felt blessed by the divine power. At that time, I was also carrying a small bag with a mobile phone inside. The small bag was totally soaked, but the phone still working fine. When I came back home at night, I saw that only my thighs were a bit bruised.

I told my neighbor about this incident. She said that I was truly lucky, as that fish pond is really deep. However, I know in my heart that it was the energy emanated from the Grandmaster Datong’s calendar photo that helped me turn danger into safety. Thanks, Feng Huang Yuan!

Student: Liao Xiuhong