Grandmaster’s Calendar Photo Helped Me Averted a Danger

Date Published: 2020-3-1

Today, I felt like winning a jackpot before leaving the house. I was viewing the Elementary Spiritual Classroom’s seniors group messages when I suddenly saw a Grandmaster Datong’s calendar photo published by Sister Lisa. I saved this photo immediately before Sister Lisa deleted it in seconds, leaving me baffled. I couldn’t help but be delighted that I was really lucky. At that time, it never occurred to me that this Grandmasater’s photo would avert a disaster for me and transformed my destiny. This is also what Master once said: A person never know what will happen from one second to the next!

Due to the restrictions imposed to tackle the pandemic, I returned to my hometown to stay. My folks home did not have a printer, but my son needed to print his homework materials, so I went to a nearby stationery shop for printing service. After I got the materials printed, I headed home. While walking, I was looking at my phone with my head tilted downwards. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang and I was stunned. A huge cement brick just fell from the eighth floor (about 24 meters high) of a residential building and hit right beside my feet. I saw debris from the masonry rolling scattering over the ground. I Immediately paced away from the scene, stood aside and looked up startled. At this moment, a family that occupies the second floor heard the noise, rushed to their balcony and peered up. After scanning the building for a while, I found that it was the eight-floor roof eaves that were in disrepair causing the one-meter wide brickwork to fall off the building from a height of about 24 meters. The occupants of the second floor were relived and glad to see me unscathed and said: “If you were hit, you would have to suffer bleeding injuries.” Subsequently, the property manager sent workers to carry out urgent repairs. Obvious cracks were discovered on the roof eaves of this residential community building and there were the dangers of pedestrians being struck by falling materials any time.

I ran back home still badly shaken and told my dad about the incident. My dad put on his clothes and went with me to the place where the cement brick fell. After my dad examined the place and clearly understood the situation, he said: “Falling from such a height, if it hit someone, the consequences would be unbearable. You do have good fate, otherwise if you were hit, you would either be injured or killed!” Come to think of it, my legs were still shaking!

Fortunately, I was blessed by Heaven for escaping unscathed from the accident.

I told Sister Lisa about this incident over our phone conversation, only to realize that Grandmaster Datong saved me again because for the sake of keeping Feng Huang Yuan practitioners safe and sound, Grandmaster gives out his precious photos to the inherently-connected people. By the time Grandmaster finished inscribing words on the photo that day, it was almost midnight in the United States, but it was only afternoon here in China, and it was such a coincidence that I was the first student to receive this precious calendar photo for February 2020 from Grandmaster. I am very delighted things are being what they are and will be what they will be.

During this pandemic, I stayed at home all the time to prevent the spread of coronavirus. I just went out once and encountered such a dangerous situation. Although I hit my head two days ago due to my own carelessness, I did not raise my vigilance to this. I was lucky to narrowly avoid a disaster this time because of Divine Providence and the blessings Grandmaster bestowed upon me that I remained safe and sound.

I feel that this incident is a wake-up call I received from the Divine. I am so grateful for Divine Providence, which makes me learn how to cherish every day in the future and do my best to become the best version of myself.

Youlan (China)

Feb 13, 2020