2020 Feng Huang Yuan & Longevity (Part 1)

Date Published: 2020-01-19

It’s hard to find a thousand-year-old tree in the forest, and it’s rare to meet a hundred-year-old person in the world.

Feng Huang Yuan’s unique philosophy of holistic health cultivation and interstellar health practices promoted more and more people with longevity among its practitioners. The number has been increasing like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

Many of these long-lived individuals used to have a lot of health issues in the beginning. So they came to Feng Huang Yuan to learn and practice mystical holistic health cultivation techniques. They soon realized that another mysterious door had opened up for them: connecting with the universe’s energy field, miracle healing and development of potential abilities, etc… The teachings of Grandmaster Datong, the wonderful loving help from one another, the learnings in classroom and conversations with sages, so much has been offered to learn proper etiquette and as well as the doctrine of life.

In Feng Huang Yuan, the home of the cosmos, which is filled with love and positive energy, everyone experiences rapid improvements of the body, mind and soul. We felt so blessed!

All of this makes everyone fall in love with Feng Huang Yuan and feel inseparable from it. Many people have been practicing for decades and have truly become happy long-lived people of Feng Huang Yuan.

I am the master of my own health!

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

Gushu Wu (China)

January 17, 2020